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First reviewed by chucknorrisman

Don't Waste Your Hard Earned Money

Ate at the Mentor location years ago and it was "ok" but never went back. Gave this location a try just recently. DISGUSTING! Food was horrible, Our party all asked for light on the sauce and our dinners came out drenched in sauce which made the food under it (spaghetti, peppers, chicken etc) soggy and it didnt even look appetizing. We informed our server and she didnt do anything about it. She had wrote down we all wanted light sauce and she just brushed it off like "well, this is light sauce, normally it comes out with more!" the pasta tasted old. and the service was not that good. For the price they are charging for simple pasta meals, you would think you got better service and much better tasting food. You may as well spend your money at Olive Garden. The prices there are similiar to Zappatellis but MUCH BETTER FOOD and SERVICE and ATMOSPHERE. Such a shame that this area does not have any good restaurants to go to. Seems like you have to travel to Mentor/Willoughby or further East to find a decent restaurant. If anyone wants to travel, my recommendation would be CHOPS in Geneva! We go to that place all the time and never had a bad meal or service and they would make it right if you did.


Hot over cold pizza

I ordered a plain sheet pizza for a birthday party. My husband picked it up. (We live down the street about 4 minutes away). When we opened the box, not only was the pizza cold and hard, but had pepperroni on it. ( One of the children at the party was not allowed meat) (Explain this to a hungry 5 yr. old). I called the restrurant and told them what we got, and they took my name, and told me, the next sheet pizza we got would be free. Two weeks later, I called for another sheet pizza, and told them the story and gave my name. The person then told me that I could NOT get the free pizza I was told about, because the person who told me that, shouldn't have. Service at this restrurant is appauling. They need to get people that put some pride into their work. And teach some of these workers manners!


Good Value - Good Food

Tastefully decorated, I have been to this place a several times with and without my family. The portions are huge and the food is consistently good. During peak times, be patient with the service. The restaurant is family owned and caters well to families with kids. The bar area is secluded from the larger dining area which I like. You'll never have a larger doggie bag and you'll get a couple of meals out of it, not matter how hungry you are when you go.

Decent food, horrible management and service

My wife, daughter and I walked in tonight (Sunday) at 6:50 pm. The room had about 4 table tops with guests and the rest of the tables where empty with varying degrees of dirty dishes and cups on them. We asked for a booth and the hostess promptly cleaned one off for us and sat us down. She asked us what we wanted to drink and we asked for water and a glass of wine. She brought out the water and said the waitress would be with us soon with our wine.

At 7:00 pm we had still not been greeted by a waitress. The room at this point was empty with the exception of a table of 6 sitting in the booth next to us. Their waitress was back and forth a few times but never spoke to us.

We could tell by the comments of that table that they had been waiting some time for their food.

At 7:05 pm, 15 minutes after being seated, I approached the hostess and asked if we could have a server. She looked back at the kitchen with surprise and then said she would help me get the order started. We ordered an appetizer and our meals all at once. I mentioned my wife had yet to receive her wine. A few minutes later the hostess brought the glass of wine. Mind you, this girl was only 16. I'm pretty sure it is illegal for her to serve alcohol.

At 7:20 I looked around the room. There were dirty dishes piled up everywhere. Not just on the tables, but on shelves and cabinets that normally hold decorations. On top of that, there was a large garbage can with sauce dripping off the side sitting about 6 feet from us next to another dirty table.

At 7:30 our food arrived. Well, our main course anyway. We asked about the appetizer and the hostess said she would go check. It turns out they forgot about the app and it had burnt so they had to make a new one.

While we were eating our dinner the table next to us was finishing up. Their waitress brought out cake and ice cream for the kids. In an obvious attempt to make up for her poor service she says, "The ice cream is on me because your kids are so cute!". No, she didn't bring my daughter any dessert. I guess she isn't as cute.

When we finished our dinner we asked about the salads we never received and she brought them to us in a to-go box.

As all this was going on we noticed that this poor 16 year old hostess was not only waiting on us, but she was also trying to buss tables and was taking to-go orders. All the while, the only "waitress" we could see was serving the ONE table next to us and when she wasn't trying to kiss their butt she was in the kitchen. What was she doing? Eating dinner? And there was obviously no one there to buss the tables. My wife overheard the hostess mention to the bartender that this was the first time she had ever waited on a table!

I asked the hostess if they were short handed tonight and she replied, "No, we just got really busy for a while".

I worked in the restaurant business for 10 years and while I am no expert, I can tell you this situation is purely poor management skills. To make this hostess take on so many roles while the older and experienced waitress only handles 1 table?! If they were short handed they should have called someone in. The manager himself should have been out bussing tables and taking orders to pick up the slack. There is no excuse for this kind of service regardless of how busy they were 30 minutes before we arrived.

It's a family owned business that has potential. They need to learn there is more to a successful restaurant than simply giving enormous portions of spaghetti. As for the hostess, I commend her for keeping a smile on her face and working her butt off to accommodate us.

While the food is good it isn’t spectacular and the lackluster management and service make this restaurant a 1 time visit. We spent $50 for the 3 of us and we could have gotten the same food with better service at Olive Garden. I definitely do not recommend Zappitelli’s to anyone.

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