Valenti's Allegro Bistro offers bistro food. Their menu is considered a great value. Visitors note they offer great service.

Known for its great value.


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First reviewed by concernedchild


Abysmal Service, Mediocre Food

Visited for lunch with my child. Restaurant was practically empty with a few tables only. Ordered a hot dog for my child, then was told they didn't have them any more (even though it was still on the menu). Took forever for her to come back and get our order, but even longer to get served, and we were never asked "Can i get you anything else?" She ignored us for most of the meal and took her sweet time getting the check and bringing back my credit card. My Reuben sandwich had about 5 flakes of sauerkraut. Pitiful. Nothing served with a $9 sandwich with way too much bread on it. Terrible!! Money is too hard to come by to waste --go somewhere else!

Quite a find

In an area rather short on good restaurants, this was quite a find. We have been twice, once for lunch and once for dinner. Both times, excellent value and large (too large!) portions. A good menu, friendly (but not over-friendly) service. We will be back.


Sadly Disappointed

this restaurant was one of our favorites ... we hate the female singer there but in spite of that, the food is fantastic and atmosphere very good. We visited at least once per week and spent at least $100. + dollars per visit. We catered a house party using Valenti's and it was a huge hit. Another time we ordered take out ... two large pizza's and a meal or two. Oddly, everything was awful! Inedible is not a stretch! No problem, it happens. The very next time we were in for dinner, I mentioned this to the owner, a very nice Italian lady. I fully expected her to comp our meal that night or at the very least, look up the check from the night in question and comp that amount. Either of those options would have been satisfactory. If this was a case of being clueless, I probably could have forgivin that but, at the end of the meal the waitress came up, showing the owner our check and asked what to do about it ... therefore I know that the owner had discussed this with the waitress. The owner, very quickly shooed her away with the instructions to run the check as is and that she was going to give us a free pizza the next time we came in. Whoop De Doo! Well ... I hope she enjoyed whatever money she made off of us that night because it will be the last. Our family of 6 to 10 people will never eat there again. I don't think I need to explain what she can do with her FREE pizza. The way I figure it ... we were spending a minimum of $100 to $200. per week ... that is somewhere between $5000. and $10000. per year. That is gone ... all because she was too cheap to do the right thing. We are very sad to say goodbye to The Allegro because it is very convenient to our home and we loved the food. Oh well ... we will never go there again. What did my mother used to say ... penny wise and pound foolish. She lost a ton of business over a few bucks.


Something Extra

We enjoy the food at Allgro's, the main reason we would go to the Allegro Bistro was for the special service we would receive from a very nice girl named Maria, she was there day and night always with a smile. We have not seen her in awhile and we wanted to say she is missed. The feeling of your home and your lunch-dinner is ready, she always made us feel like family. Its hard now a days to find people willing to make experiences special. We look forward to our paths meeting again.


Contemporary Italian

This place is great. The food is awesome, the family and staff are friendly and attentive. We have been to both of the Valenti's restaurants and we always have left happy. We feel like we are part of the family and highly recommend Allegro Bistro to anyone.



Delicious dinner! Service and atmosphere are great.
Chicken with artichokes, sundried tomatoes a must try. The salad and bread were great. One of the few restaurants in Venice that 'get it'. They can do without the singer on the keyboards but defintitely a wonderful meal.


Satisfied Customer

We have been going to the Bistro since it has opened and also Valenti's for the past 3 years. It is a family owned business and the food is excellent and also the service. The owners and the help are very friendly and good people. Over the years we became good customers and friends. We would definitely recommend these restaurants to others.

Very Satisfied Customers

We have been going to the Bistro since it has opened and also to Valenti's for 3 years now and both restaurants are excellent. This is a family owned business and they are very good to their customers and treat them well and the food is excellent and that is what makes us keep going back. We definitely recommend it.


tip scamming

My very old father has early onset dementia. He thinks these people are nice to him. EVERY time he goes there (and we cannot convince him to stop) they change the tip amount. Every time. It has been as high as 100% of the bar tab. We have the original receipts, this is no joke.

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