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First reviewed by Yoda

One of Charleston Best

For an establishment not to be a full blown resturant. Trotter's is excellant. There menu is very good, they give good portions, the service is very good and the pricing is reasonable. We go at least three or four times a month and look forward to each trip.


I have been to trotter many many times. I live close. I NEVER go on 'holidays' and anything like that bc the menu doesnt change but the already expensive price of the buffet goes up on holidays. Unfortunately the food and service stays the same. I actually wrote a two page letter and emailed the manager as to why the buffet being at $22.95 and $24.95 (and ofcoarse $2.00 for tea) there is NO seafood on the buffet at all. Infact, at that price their is fried chicken, spagetti and normal everyday thing you would expect from Ryans buffet. I never got a response or even a reply email. I have a tough time looking at this restaurants advertisement and the slogan is authentic 'lowcountry cuisine'. This place doesnt know the firsst thing about 'lowcountry cuisine' if their is no type of seafood on the buffet....even shrimp!!
Just go to Ryans or some other place like that. Ryans has 10 times the selection and the same things on their buffet. Pluse you can feed the family for what you pay to feed ONE at Trotters. Trotters does have a beautiful lobby and very clean buffet area. You have a feeling of being in a much 'upscale' restaurant, which make this dissappointing experience so much worse after you try the food. Sorry... I tried and tried this place many times thinking I must have been there on a BAD day....NOPE, their all bad!



The buffet is very mediocre. Nothing is delicious. For about $15.00 for lunch, it could be much better. Service is o.k. They can handle large groups; but, of course, the buffet is self serve. Rating for food 5 of 10. Servcie about a 7 of 10. They advertise as great; but they are not.

Easter Buffet

Never have I been more disappointed in your restaurant. We were shuffled to a back room, our server had no time for us, and the buffet was the worst I have ever encountered. The steamship round of beef was way over cooked, the fried chicken was dry as a bone. In totally honesty I filled up on your whipped potatoes and cheese broccoli. You ran out of all promised desserts long before we could get any. For this I got to pay over $80.00 I would so love to see this write up in the Post and Courier. What has happen to what was once a delightful place to eat?

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