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First reviewed by amarto3

excellent service

The reason I'm taking the x to write a review is on account of the excellent service we recieved from the time we were greeted by our server to the end where she again stood and thanked us and said good night. The food was awesome but a very important part in dining for my wife and I, is service. We were traveling and decided to stop and dine at Torreya Grill. Our server was by far the BEST!! Exremely explanatory with all details of any questions we asked. (I'm assuming she was either trained well or had been employed for some time!) She was friendly, attentive and very professional. The young lady was very attractive,CLEAN and well groomed which is what my wife looks for being they are the person in handling the extras that are added to your dining experience(my wife managed 2 rest. in Boca Raton for 12 years).)We also noticed she had others that seem to be engaging in conversation with her as regular guest. It was obvious of her friendly and outgoing personality. The food was definitely better than we ever expected and the seafood entree was superb along with a wonderful greek salad. I highly encourage anyone traveling by to take the time and stop by and try and catch the lovely server by the name of Anna. She carried a southern accent with poise and grace. Also, there was an older gentleman that checked on us while dining, making sure everything was fine. Just the whole experience was AWESOME!


Like no where else in town.. Because its better!

The food is always amazing! Fresh, never frozen, cooked right when ordered not waiting to be warmed up like most restaurants I've been to. Thats why you might wait a little bit longer for your food. It's always worth it in the end. Its a family owned place with a wonderful atmosphere. The people that own the place treat everyone like family. They have tons of regulars that wouldn't go anywhere else. I didn't know what to expect when going there. And now I know there is no place in Tallahassee that compares.


Great food and professional service

Torreya Grill is awesome. All sauces and dressings are made from scratch unlike chain restaurants where the food is always frozen. I am a server at Torreya Grill and have worked in many other restaurants that will remain nameless. The fish is fresh. just last saturday night our chef spent all night cleaning grouper and snapper. Our steaks are certified black angus. Yes it can be a little diffucult to find good waitstaff in a college town, but for the most part, we only have experienced servers.


George is awesome!

I don't understand the reviewers who say the owner is inattentive or "treats his customers like garbage". George??? He's a terrific person, very friendly, and ALWAYS comes over to our table to see how we liked everything and if we need anything else. The food is amazing, the ambience is perfect, and the wait staff has always been great. I truly don't understand any negative reviews, Torreya is awesome.


Great Food, Great Service

The owner is extremely friendly, and I have dined here a few times. Service is always great and food is always good. A little expensive, however the quiet secluded atmosphere makes up for it. If you are looking to try somthing new this is a great place to try. Not enough restraunts like this in tallahassee.


Jimmy"s great place

great atmosphere.made from scratch food with Mediterranean/Greek style.peaceful/romantic. every item on the plate cooked with care. seafood char-grilled/broiled is the best.much better than seafood specialty restaurants in town.shish(tenderloin) kebobs best value in town/awesomely marinated.service friendly but sometimes a little slow.if you dont care about properly prepared food,dont eat here.--theres always the B-BUFFET.

A Tallahassee Gem!

What a surprise! Our food was outstanding and the service was great! My client had the Steak and I had the Onion soup and spinach pie and salad-The spinish pit was even better than I could make it-- The atmosphere was perfect for a casual business dinner! The piano player was outstanding!


Love this place!

The best thing about this restaurant is that the food is all prepared fresh, including sauces, salad dressing, soups, etc. The atmosphere is casual elegance that is appropriate for family dinners or special occasions. The wait staff are courteous and professional, and they handle special requests with ease. Highly recommended!

pay a lot, eat a little

I agree with the previous poster. The food is expensive for what you get and the service is slow. This place needs some work. I don't think the European owners know what us American's like in a restuarant. Should have gone to the Olive Garden. Save your money, go somewhere else.

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