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  • Casual

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First reviewed by awise


Love the new Sweet Tea Restaurant

I can't begin to explain the wonderful family atmosphere this restaurant exhudes now. I tried the restuarant for the first time since renovations yesterday and I was amazed. Sweet Tea is more inviting in atmosphere and service. The food was amazing. My husband and I are talking about it still and it has been almost 24hrs since we ate there. I am seriously craving another blueberry bread pudding. Hopefully we will make it there in time to get some cobbler as it was completely gone by the time we were ready for desert. :(

We were told they are working on adding to the children's menu as all they had was a grilled cheese, but I can't wait to see what other items they add to the menu.

With the combination of great service and wonderful food this restaurant is truly going places. I can't wait to eat there again!

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