Song's Garden serves authentic Chinese food. Their menu is considered a good value. Song's Garden is often busy. Visitors take note of their great service.

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First reviewed by vbmom


Best Lo Mein I've ever had

I've lived in the Towne Lake area for 6 years now and always go back to Song's for takeout. The lo mein is the best EVER! And I have to also say that I really like the owners. Always very pleasant to deal with, even when they're slammed. I'm leaving GA soon and one of the few things I will sorely miss is Song's Garden. Thanks for the service and food!


Long Wait and not so nice

This was my second visit to Song's Garden, it had been several months since my first visit. I walked in the door at 6:58. I did not leave with my food till after 8:00. This was after went up to the counter several times asking if it was ready. The girl at the front was very sweet, and even apologized several times, but the woman behind the counter was rude and was almost throwing the food at people. It was obvious they were working hard, but they were apparantly too cheap to hire help because only 2 men were cooking. The food was fine, but not worth a one hour wait. While I was there, several people walked out, as I would have had I not already paid for my food.

the best

song's garden has THE best food. the fried rice is soooooooooo tasty. from my experience, they're the only ones who cook it this way. everything on the menu is delicious and it's all fresh. they don't hide in the back, you can watch them cook if you'd like, so nothing sketchy is going on.. very very nice people who work there, always happy and eventually know you by name. LOVE IT!!!!!!

A True Winner

We have been going to Song's for at least five years. We get takeout on the average of once every other week. The food and customer service is outstanding.

This place stands up to any, and having lived in New York, I say that with experience in eating at some of the finest restaurants.

Thank you Song's


'm a 30 year NY resident

I'm a 30 year NY resident where you get some of the best Chinese food around. So when I moved here in 2003 the first thing I had to do was find a good Chinese take-out I failed the first 4 times but finally found Songs Garden and I won't ever change!

Awesome Food

This is the best Chinese food around. The owners are very customer service focused & are the most friendly people I have ever met. They have never gotten my order wrong. We have a lot of choices for Chinese in the Towne Lake area of Woodstock, but I ONLY go to Song's Garden.


Can't beat food or service

I have always received superior customer service, even when they are slammed. On all but one occasion (an extremely busy Friday night), my food was ready when they said it would be for pick up. The portions are beyond generous; you will definitely have lunch the next day. It's fresh, and it can be customized to personal taste (spicy, not spicy,etc). Song's is always our first choice for Chinese!

Good eating

I agree with the other reviewers. There are several choices in the area. Song's Garden is the best. The food seems a little better than most carry-out places, and the owners are definately the nicest people around. The food seems a little less greasy than most places like this. They are very good about getting the orders right, and I usually place larger than average orders.


Towne Lake's Chinese Gem

Song's Garden is owned by two of the nicest people in all of Towne Lake. I have many chinese restaurant choices in the area, but I go here because of the fantastic customer service and great food. They are always prompt at having your order fixed on time and go out of their way to make you feel "at home" in their restaurant. I just can't say enough about the owner's delight in making sure the customer is taken care of. They are far and above ANY restaurant's customer service.

Pretty darn good

A lot better than any "sit down" chinese in a 10 mile radius and there are at least 8 in the area. They have nightly specials and are reasonably priced. They also deliver. The food is authentic and the service is friendly and prompt. On Friday's it pays to call ahead for pick-up because they are so busy.

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