Roberto's Mexican Food serves Mexican food. Customers say they offer good, speedy service.

Known for its quick service.

Open today 12am — 12am
Monday  8:00am — 9:00pm
Tueday  8:00am — 9:00pm
Wednesday  8:00am — 9:00pm
Thursday  8:00am — 9:00pm
Friday  8:00am — 9:00pm
Saturday  8:00am — 9:00pm
Sunday  12:00am — 12:00am
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, counter service, delivery

Meal times

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner


  • Take-out
  • Delivery
  • Catering
  • Reservations accepted
  • Counter service


  • Casual


  • Wheelchair accessible

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First reviewed by lmstokdyk


Cussing at white people in spanish, but best food

If I could reach the owner in private I would rather do that but don't know how. I stop by your Robertos 2-3 times a week after work, it's my addiction. I stopped on Dec 28th 2011. Your cooked used foul language toward me in spanish (yes I'm white). I replied in my broken spanish, "tu palabras are muy mal", (your words are very bad). There is a reason I stop 2-3 times a week, is because it's the cleanest berto's and I love the food. However, I don't feel comfortable stopping there at this point.


These people are crooks!!!

I ordered delivery food. the total was about $13.00. I added a $2.00 tip to receipt (paid by credit card) when delivered. I got a bill on credit card for $33.00....the tip grew from $2.00 to $20.00!! I called and called and called, no manager and no one else can help!! I even went to location and same unless you want to buy the most expensive mediocre mexican food in town....don't go this place...they are definitely crooks!!!!


7th ave and unionhills. saw a sign that had bean tostadas on speacial for $1.00 so I ordered 9 for my family. I handed her the card and when she gave me the reciept it said $11.31??? I asked how 9 X $1.00 comes to 11.31 she said "I don't know thats just what it came out to" I said how much taxc is on $1 again she said "I dont know" by this time it was too late to say forget it becasue she had already run my card. then when I get home half the tostadas are under another one so only half the shell actually had anything on it. total waste of money and no explanation for the phantom charge.. NO WAY TO RUN A BUISNESS


X Customer

Rude Rude Rude lady on the phone to take your order! Very very impatient when asking questions on the phone about what you want to order you might as well forget it!!!! How do you expect to have a business if you can't treat your clients good. I will never place an order through them again! And there food is not very good anyway. I treat people nice and expect the same especially if they are getting my money!!! If you like bad service, food, and rude customer service, this is the place to go!

Was not open

My family and I went to Scottsdale to visit family. On the way home I told my husband I really wanted to stop and eat at Roberto's. We stopped on our way home to Palmdale, CA. We got there about 10:30 am. The clerk in the gas station told us they were not open. What, not open on a Sunday morning? I was looking forward to trying their menudo. We ended up eating at McDonald's. What a huge disappointment for us. I probably will not bother wasting my time to see if they might be open next time we are Arizona.

Best Mexican I've Ever Eaten - Don't Miss It!

We saw Roberto's on DDD and made it a point to stop by for the El Pastor and Carne Asada while in AZ.
It's 30 minutes from the airport and a 3 minute detour off 101 if you are driving to or from Sedona and the airport. Could be the best food we ate all week in AZ!
The El Pastor and Carne Asada were top-of-the-line and the sides, hot sauces and pico de gallo were equally outstanding.
You can tell immediately that everything is super fresh and you won't need or want to cover it up with heavy cheese and sauces like lesser Mexican places.
We also had a Beef Burrito that was incredible. I'm not sure how they keep the beef so moist but the flavors were really well balanced.
This place is the real deal.
I'm telling everyone I know to stop by anytime they are in or near Phoenix.
It's a quick lunch place and the ambiance is McD's or BK so it's not a place for a quiet client lunch.


Bad Service

There food is ok carne asada is bad bad bad. Flavor they never answer phone.. They take forever to deliver their food.. If you call and complaint about the food they want you to return it for credit its bad bad bad I think I should report to bbb they say they open at 8 and end up opening when ever they want to bad service


Hidden Gem

I saw this place on a repeat episode of DD&D last night and decided to make the drive from Chandler today.

I arrived at noon, the crew was busy but in a good mood. Looking over the menu I couldn't decide what I wanted. I know I wanted something flavorful. I told the man at the counter that I didn't know what to get. He asked me if I like spicy food, and I do. He recommended a green chile burro, or an El Pastor burro. I had been looking at the El Pastor plate so I decided to try the burro with beans. It was a fine choice.

I learned the El Pastor is steamed with a red chile seasoning and flavored with pineapple and onion as well as other spices (I got this off the web not from the restraunt - I could taste a nice fruit flavor but couldn't identify it).

The burro did not fit my definition of spicy, but was definitely flavorful and the hot sauce was a nice addition. The beans were mashed rather than blended smooth. They were good but nothing special.

The interior was nicer than expected, definitely a gas station but the tables were wooden except for the modern bistro tables near the window.

Service was friendly and fairly fast. Drink choices are aqua frescas or what I believe to be cane sugar sodas imported from Mexico in glass bottles, plus whatever the gas station carries - no fresh brewed ice tea though :(

It was a good expirience and I will definitely be going back with the family and friends.



We vacation once a year in Phoenix/Scottsdale from Ohio. After seeing this on Food Network - we knew we had to go there. What a great place. We cannot say enough good things - worth the time for sure. The food is great - prices are reasonable - service is fast. The family atmosphere is greatly in evidence - seems the entire family is involved. We will return there again for sure. We certainly enjoyed talking to the staff/owners while there.


Fantastic .... ok so it's in a gas station...

Alright... so the place is really in a gas station .. I'm telling everyone I know.. this place is great. The food is fresh, made to order, (oh yeah by the way, was featured on the Food Network!!!) ... kitchen/grill is in public view, service is super-friendly and upbeat, I'm a little bummed to hear they're moving to Anthem, but only because it's a little further drive for me... but they deserve it! 10 years making great food in a tough location.. Wish the owners all the best! We'll follow you anywhere!!

Food and customer service are excellent

Do not be turned off by this place being in a gas station, the food is awesome. They deliver, too, and it is timely. On those nights you don't feel like going out but want some good Mexican food this is the place to order from. I have never eaten anything from Roberto's I didn't like. Even my husband likes it and he is picky. They also have very good prices, big portions and they are listed as one of the cleanest restaurants in Phoenix.



I called to see if they had a website to view their menu, but they did not have one, so they offered to drop by and give me a menu. I have not seen that type of service ever. That was such a wonderful experience. I would definitely give them a try!



The food at Roberto's is excellent. Delivery service is quite good as well. I love Roberto's and will continue to order from them. I have received exemplary service including telephone order and delivery people as well. I would highly recommend ordering from Roberto's. They are close to my home and delivery time is wonderful.

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