Richard's Family serves American food and family-style cuisine in casual surroundings. Their inexpensive menu is considered a fantastic value. People note they offer great service, and they particularly like their breakfast offering.

Known for its fantastic value.

meatloaf, salads, sandwiches
Table service


  • Table service
  • Take-out
  • Reservations accepted


  • Casual


  • Wheelchair accessible

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First reviewed by djm


Hm Hm Good!

I have been going to Richard's for many years! The last time there was today for a group meal. I have been to many restaurants and have seen many waitresses. The food was good, on time and the wait staff was great! Some of the waitresses can be rude at times, but who doesn't have a bad day? The waitresses that annoy me are the ones who suck up too much for the buck. Now a real waitress with a sincere smile is a short, sweet, dark haired, lady by the name Olga! That is one of the waitresses who provided amazing service for our large group today!


Food Poisoning

I was a regular at Richards until I became violently ill after eating the Pop Corn Shrimp Salad. When I returned a couple of weeks later, I informed the owner of my experience. She was insulted and insisted it wasn't their food. If you ever had food poisoning, you know it! I never returned. Stay away from that Pop Corn Shrimp!


Been going there for years!

Our whole family has enjoyed the good food and low prices at Richards for many years. Most meals on the menu are very good, portions large, and cost is lower than average for entrees that include soup or salad and small desert. Val is nothing less than the best waitress around!


Good food, lousy waitstaff

I keep going there because the food is always good and the prices are reasonable. There is one great waitress named Val - the rest go from not friendly to downright rude. The owner is friendly is she's in the mood, otherwise indifferent even to regulars.

The women's restroom needs to be updated to accomodate the handicapped. It is not accessible to wheelchairs.

Great fish on Fridays

The fish, especially the baked cod, is wonderful.
The waitstaff are rude most of the time. Just ignore them and enjoy the food.

good food but bad attitude

While they have great food, including the delicious French Onion Soup, the attitudes of the young girls that work there could be better. I must admit, they are very nice to the elderly, but if you are not an AARP card carrier, please be prepared for uppity attitude as if you are supposed to be coming there. If it wasn't for the good food, I wouldn't come to this place.


nice place for a simple and homemade food. great menu selection and great prices. a good amount of food for the buck... very very casual...

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