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Carol M.

Best Seafood around!!!

The food here is absolutely fantastic, I love this place! So delicious, I recommend the shrimp cocktails, theyre HUGE, a meal all in themselves I swear! And just a perfect medley of flavors! If you love authentic Mexican cuisine, and you love seafood, this is going to be your favorite destination for many many miles! Definitely a hidden treasure :)


Mexican Seafood and not much else!

Looking for the old place that was at this address previously, I found Isla del Mar, a true Mexican seafood restaurant. I had lunch, and I was the only non-Mexican in the place. NO burritos or tacos here! That was the first big surprise. The next one was the delivery of salsa, crackers and 5" diameter flat crisp tortillas, instead of chips, AND the bowl of fresh shredded fish. The salsa was very good, stronger than many non-Mexicans would like. The next surprise was the limited menu, ALL FISH and SEAFOOD, nary a taco to be seen. The Specials were all fairly pricey for lunch, starting at $13.95, with a Fried Whole Tilapia Platter at $8.95 the cheapest item. I got the "Order of Fish" on the appetizer section at $6.50, and it turned out to be the same as what came with the salsa. Shredded fish, shredded carrots, onions and other stuff, very cold, very fresh, with an artfully displayed sliced avocado on top. Excellent, and more than plenty for lunch (a 9.5 on presentation!). The other surprise was the menu offering the most expensive item I've seen in Rockford: $48.95 for the Seafood Mixed Grill. But obviously it would easily feed a family. I saw several people eating the Shrimp Cocktail, a large beer-mug-bowl filled with shrimp and sauce ($6 and $9, small and large). The menu mainly was fish and shrimp, but also offered oysters, octopus and crap legs. Very pricey for lunch, unless you pick from the 'appetizers', but should be worth a trip for dinner. I suspect the $18 to $25+ Specials, with an appetizer would be plenty for two persons. Located in a well-used strip mall that has seen many better days, this is not the place to take a first, or second date. Just south of College Ave on Kishwaukee. One of the few Rockford GEMS!

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