Mumbai serves creative, fresh Indian food in a friendly setting that customers report is "graceful". Their moderately priced menu, which includes healthy options, is considered a phenomenal value. Mumbai is a quiet establishment. Customers report they offer great, speedy service. Mumbai features a good selection of mixed drinks. Customers recommend their lunch, and particularly their dinner offerings. Some patrons complain about poor service.

Known for its fantastic chef and its creative food.

chicken tikka, vindaloos, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, lunch buffet, naan, appetizers, soups, desserts, chicken
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First reviewed by bsdude

Christine F.

Food was Excellent...Wait was too long

This is the third visit in the past year and again the food was excellent. As a group of 6 we shared 4 entrees; Lamb Biryani, Chicken Vindaloo, Chicken Tikka Masala (a favorite) and Lamb Vindaloo as well as assortment of Naan and 2 appetizers: Punjabi Samosa and Gujrati Papdum. All very good and had left overs. However this time the wait was way too long we were there for over 2 hours. The server was very good but if the kitchen is slow there's not much more he can do.



This place is a rip off. Food is not fresh. Food is vile. Service is non-existent. There are some very seedy characters hanging out in this restaurant. The girls look like pros. I don't know where the star rating came from but its a one out of 5. This restaurant is neglected and on its way out.


Plastic in food, cust. service bad, owner creepy

So my wife and I went in to give it a try after it changed from India Palace to Mumbai. It took about 10 minutes to get seated with almost no-one in the restaurant. Then when we order our food we get what we ask for, we're enjoying it and the owner who I believe is also the cook, at least that is what the waitress told us, just starts standing behind us and stares at us for a couple of minutes then asks how's everything like he knows something is amiss. Well, lo and be hold, there is. There is a big piece of plastic in my food and I can't stomach another bite. We call over the waitress( she was kind, but inattentive btw), and she goes talks to the owner who then says we already talked to him. So, we ask her to just bring him back so we can talk to him again. And we wait, and wait, and wait some more until 45 minutes pass by so we just get up and leave with out paying.

We will NEVER go here again.


Mumbai Restaurant - Biggest Mistake Ever

Honestly, the food is good AT TIMES. However, their service is the worst. I ordered for food at 830 and received it at 1045. Even though there was a delay, we did not receive our RICE or BREAD. They are always understaff and the manager always blames his worker. Plus, their cook is a drunkard and makes his food depending on how his day is going.
Once the manager and cook both had a massive argument inside the restaurant. Being an Indian, do not go there or ORDER for food. I am sure your food will be stale, cold or just depressing.

Swagat or Sindhus..

Just because I had to give a star rating, I gave them a star.


Forgetful,Mean, Quality of Customer Service Poor

When you order take out make sure when you pick it up you check what you ordered. They forget to pack stuff. Their buffet is not so great but their lamb dishes from the menu are tasty and the lamb is tender and not overcooked. Also they have samosas and they make chat, but never dare ask if they will make you a samosa chat. They will not make something off the menu. The waiter caught an attitude just at the simple request because it wasn't on the menu, though they have everything to make it. Go figure.


1.75 hrs waiting and still no food!!

1.75 hrs and still did not have our food. Was really looking forward to dining here before the U2 concert. Got there at 5p and actually got up and left at 6:45. Concert started at 7p. The servers were literally running from kitchen to table, etc. The manager looked so stressed we were worried he would stoke out. He was yelling at the one server and it was unwarranted as she was running her butt off, he should have been telling the kitchen staff to hustle! The main problem seemed to be the kitchen as the servers cannot bring your food if it is not ready-- so cannot blame them. Truly was disappointed.

Richard W.

Definitely way above average Indian

Really flavorful, well-cooked and not excessively heavy Indian fare. The dishes were mostly heavy on flavor, not on butter.

We shared several vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Other than the vindaloo (which tasted like canned tomato sauce) all were interesting and delicious. So I guess they can't make vindaloo, but everything else was really wonderful!



I am an Indian and I wouldn't recommend anyone to go to this restaurant unless u r looking for a cheap buffet to save some money. We (me and my friend) didn't go for the buffet and asked for the menu card hoping that it will be better than the buffet. The food was horrible. There were only two guys to serve the entire restaurant, so the service was horrible....


Lamb at last!

Thanks to Paddy's inventiveness and skills as a master chef, I can honestly say that Mumbai has the finest lamb dishes that I have ever eaten. Try his version of the Vindaloo for a taste of lamb heaven. The apetizers, Chicken 64 and Satay, are so good that my wife and I fight over them. This restaurant features finely nuanced tastes and textures and is a "must" for the culinery expert. Be sure to try his home-made raita and good luck if you have room for dessert...we never do!


Go Here

What a wonderful evening my daughters and I had. Thanks to a very knowledgeable waiter who not only knows the menu and the wine list but has great verbal skills to explain what you are eating. Chef Paddy is warm, gracious and friendly. His passion for food and his customers is unrivaled. If you are coming from out of town and want great food and a fun time come here. We all tried something different, along with two appetizers, and words fail me on how to explain how wonderful the meal tasted. Don't miss this opportunity. Thanks again Chef Paddy for having such passion, dedication and skill in the kitchen.


Mumbai's Cuisine Reigns Supreme

Mumbai has the best Indian food I have ever tasted. My wife and I live in Chicago, which has dozens of Indian restaurants with food variations from all across India. We have to admit, none of them can compare to Mumbai's cuisine. The menu has alot to offer, and we wish we could have tried several entrees from it. The menu is extraordinary, because it is mix of Indian and Chinese fusion. However, if you want to get a fair sampling of what Mumbai offers, please try the Sunday buffet. The buffet gives the diner a fascinating exploration of the palate with its many tasty vegetable and protein flavors, like Palak Paneer (contains spinach and cubes of homemade cheese called paneer) which is extremely good, Chicken Tikka, which has a tomato basil sauce along with marinated chicken, Chicken Tandoori, so very flavorful and tender, Vegetable Manchurian (a chinese dish with dumplings with ginger, garlic, green chiles and bell peppers), along with a host of other vegetable and protein dishes. Along with the food, the service was second to none. The server was very attentive in making us feel welcome, making us fabulous martinis, and informing us of the buffet menu. The Executive Chef and Owner, Paddy Rawal, was very cordial in making sure we were enjoying our dining experience, and had us sample a few of Mumbai's appetizers, which were incredible! You will have to go visit Mumbai in order to find out what we already know. Mumbai is a one of a kind fusion dining treat that you simply have to give a try. And by the way, if you enjoy jazz music, go to Mumbai on a Thursday night. I guarantee that Paddy and the staff at Mumbai will make sure you have a very good time.

-Scott and Angela, Chicago, Illinois


Fantastic - Don't Miss This Experience!

We were recently in East Lansing touring MSU. We stayed at a nearby B&B (The Wild Goose Inn) and we asked for a recommendation for dining. We are so thankful we asked. Paddy and the staff at Mumbai are excellent. The food was WONDERFUL and there was a jazz band that evening as well. We relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and the restaurant! Paddy personally stopped by several times to make sure we were happy with our food and our service. I work in customer service myself and I am VERY impressed. If we come back to East Lansing I will not miss a visit to Mumbai!!!

Paddy as a Master Chef

Paddy guest cheffed at a charity outing and served a very impressive 5 course gourmet feast - all of which is on the menu at his East Lansing restaurant. Top quality, congenial, committed to a very high quality dining experience.

Top Marks!


Great intro to Indian cuisine

We were in town for our anniversary, and wanted to try something new. This restaraunt was perfect! Their lunch buffet made it possible for us to try a little of everything. We particularly enjoyed the soup and vegetable entree. The service was great, and the atmosphere nice and quiet. We would definitely recommend this place.


Mind Blowing Dining Experience!

My fiance and I love Sindhu and were very disappointed when we showed up at 9:30 to find it closed. We decided to try Mumbai, but were never impressed when it was India Palace. Feeling guilty about showing up 20 minutes before closing time, we were surprised to find the staff in good spirits and very inviting. We got the Chicken Tikka Masala and the Lamb Vindaloo with a couple orders of Naan (Garlic and Rosemary Olive Oil). We were absolutely blown away. The food was amazing and the owner made us feel very welcome. We will definitely be back often!

Fantastic Spot

I work locally in East Lansing and have witnessed first-hand what chef Paddy has to offer. Delicious food in an incredibly friendly atmosphere...I have watched this place grow and grow over the last year (the old Indian restaurant was a big thumbs down) .....Just shows what a talented owner who is dedicated to his customers satisfaction can do....i have ate there probably 7 times during the lunch hour and Paddy (as he insisted I call him) personally made sure I was taken care of. Didn't matter if I had someone else waiting on me as i have witnessed all of his staff to be very courteous and attentive.. I am still amazed at how passionate the owner of this dining establishment is......I will definitely be somewhat of a regular at Mumbai......A must try for East Lansing dining


I love this place!

I have never been to India, but as far as Indian food in east Lansing is concerned, this place is great. The service is fast and the man who takes my order is always friendly. The food is very good - much better than the other Indian restaurant nearby. My favorite is the Bombay Roasted Bhel and the chicken tikka masala. I'd highly recommend trying this place out - and No, I am not one of the staff members.

I will always recommend this place to friends

The service is always very attentive and friendly- The food quality is amazing, the atmosphere is one of fine dining, yet the prices are very affordable. The owner is an accomplished chef who is dedicated to his clients and to his menu- and I do not work there, I just eat there very often-


Best Indian food I've ever eaten

And I've been to India! Food is fresh, healthy and delicious. Don't come here if you want mushy Indian food you can get anywhere else. Owner is dedicated to food and people and loves to hear honest suggestions regarding the food. Thank you Paddy for giving East Lansing a taste of Mumbai!

The Best Restaraunt And Food I Have Ever Had

I WOULD HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS RESTARAUNT TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO EXPERIENCE AUTHENTIC INDIAN GOURMET CUISINE and anyone who just wants to have a fabulous meal. GO TO MUMBAI RIGHT NOW!!!!! This is honestly the best restaraunt I have had the great fortune of stumbling upon. At first I was going to Tony's but it was closed, so I thought I would try India Palace, which is now Mumbai. It was the most wonderful dining experience I have ever had. The food was absolutely superb. I have had Indian food only a handful of times before, but never as delicious as this. The owner is one of the most friendly, charming, and personable people I have ever met. I frequent this restaraunt at least 3-4 times a week, and I especially love the buffets. All the soup, appetizers, entrees, and desserts that are put out for that day that you can eat. Also you get their naan, which comes in many varieties and is NOT DEEP FRIED at all. It is baked in their wonderful clay oven to perfection. I could make a mean just out of their naan alone.


Clean but not very Indian

It's a clean place with great atmosphere, but it really doesn't have the flavor hit that you get from good Indian food. (And the mango lassi is awful. It's like it's all mango concentrate and hardly any yogurt - so there isn't much of the creamy mellowness.)



Went there last night and was blow away. Amazing service, atmosphere and food. I cannot think of a bad to say about this place it was phenominal. You can make the food as hot or mild as you prefer.

Little touches like a warm damp towel for your hands when you are first seated and a nice refreshing (non-alcohol) "welcome' drink makes this place really special.

I highly recommed this place for anyone, including families!


Here I am again!

After many visits to Paddy's Mumbai, I'm going to say, "This is the best Indian restaurant in Michigan, and, probably, the United States." I would say, "the world," but, I haven't travelled that much out of the country. The menu features Paddy's unique, culinary twist which separates this place from the more traditional ways of Indian food prep. There isn't really a glitch here. My highest recommendation!

Best Food I've Had in East Lansing

This place is great! The Mahi Mahi was delicious...and I can't wait to go back for more nun (sp?). I went with seven its great for groups.


Nice Indian restaurant

I went with 3 other friends to this restaurant for lunch buffet. Owner/chef of this place greeted us at the entrance with a big smile on his face. This is unusual and i never experienced this kind of welcome in any of the Indian restaurants. So i got the first and best impression about the place and the owner.

Then we started tasting the food. We started with appetizer and it was very nice. Usually pakoras will be made out of only one vegetable. This guy used all kind of vegetables to make his pakora. I liked each one especially the one made with yellow squash.

I really liked the Tandoori chicken. It is definitely an authentic Indian style Tandoori chicken. It was very well done. The only thing that was missing on that day was Biriyani.

I would visit this place again and also would recommend this place to my friends.

Eat Here!

EAT HERE! It is fantastic, fresh, reasonably priced and much attention is given to customer hospitality! You won't be disappointed! Thank you Paddy your vision and new ownership have given us hope for the state of Indian food and dining in East Lansing!


The Best Indan Food Ever ..Wow!!

"India Palace is an excellent restaurant for the entire Indian food experience. I enjoyed the spicy, diverse and exotic foods provided by the Chef/Owner Paddy Rawal himself. The service was prompt and price was cheap. I have been around MSU for a couple years, and did not expect an international five star quality gourmet indian cuisine experience in this midwestern town. Having gone to Sindhu-- the other indian joint, which is sort of a boring alternative, with the same ol ol, the new India Palace chef offers all sorts of indian delicacies. From street food, chaat masalas, bhels, paani puri to north indian chicken tikka, lamb curry, naans, punjabi chole, to gujarati thali, to the best mango lassi I have ever had-- and this I say having been to some of the best indian restaurants in london, tokyo, chicago, newyork, california, bombay, delhi, etc..

Paddy Rawal's India Palace is something special. This guy even delivers and offers carry out. I have recommended all my friends and family who are into indian food to check this place out, because its something you dont want to miss out on.

So I whole heartedly recommended this place, at the east lansing food festival, this place sold over 5,000 samosas.. It was craazzzzy how the crowd went over the exotic appetizers, the place was dishing out..

Honest opinion

the chat is awesome - Please don't bring the quality down.
Tandoori chicken needs a lot of work. The marinating is incomplete. Why cant anyone in US make tandoori chicken as you get back home. Tandoori chicken is below average at India palace. but I have faith in Paddy. He will improve upon it. Also on sunday they need more helping hands. Dishes were not available for a long time - I mean the entrees and the dish (plate) it self. I will try India palace a couple of times each time telling paddy to improve upon the tandoori chicken ... if no improvement is found i will have to go to Sindhu.

Good luck Paddy.


What a meal!

We had the occasion to eat at the India Palace over the weekend. We were met at the door by the owner, whose wide smile, warmth and excellent english made us feel welcome immediately.
We ordered the buffet lunch and were very pleased with the selection. Each sauce/entree served in the buffet had its own distinct flavor and resonance. It was really fun to sample the variety of flavors placed before us. For those diners who are cautious with Indian food owing to a fear of them being too hot, I can allay your fears. The food was spicy but not too hot. I think just about any diner would be able to enjoy the food. In addition, the waiters were more than willing to advise when asked their opinions.
My advice? Check it out, its worth the experience. I definitely intend to visit it again!


Absolutely wonderful

On reading the other great reviews, my wife and I decided to go to Paddy's (the new owner) restaurant with our family, and he and his staff did not disappoint. The restaurant feels very classy and had terrific music playing in the background at just the right volume to allow great conversation to take place, not only with other members of our party, but also Paddy himself. He is an extremely gracious host and really made us feel welcome.

The food is incredible, likely the best Indian food I've ever eaten. I sampled almost everything and found all of it to be delicious, especially the Hot and Sour vegetable soup and the Tandoori chicken, which was rich without being overpowering, nuanced without being bland, and almost silky in its feeling.

It was a great experience and I look forward to my next visit.


Others are right--much improved!

The other recent reviews are spot on. I work just down the street from India Palace and have frequently driven a couple of miles to Sindhu for better food rather than walking here. Paddy Rawal has been the owner/chef for about six weeks now, and there'll be no need to drive from work to Sindhu any more.
Paddy is an exceptionally gracious host and a fabulous and creative chef. Compared to other Indian restaurants I've tried (over twenty in at least six US states), all of Paddy's dishes are just a little different from what I've come to expect, always in a good way. He seems to like to personalize and adapt traditional recipes, and has a flair for doing this well. His presentation is another classy touch--though it didn't particularly affect the flavor, I enjoyed seeing the drizzle of red grenadine syrup decorating the glass of my mango lassi.
Prior to the new ownership, I'd never seen clientele who appeared to be from the Indian subcontinent (or really, more than one or two other customers at a time). In all of the three visits I've already made in just over a week, the place has been bustling every time (though not as crowded as, say, Raja Rani in Ann Arbor--there's still room for growth!), and there are a number of customers who appear to have come for a taste of home.
It's great to see a small local business starting to thrive in our depressed Michigan economy. Go in today and offer your support--your taste buds will be glad you did!


A an absolutely delightful Good Friday dinner.

My mother and I were preparing for my cousin and his wife's visit for the Easter holiday weekend. My mother and I had not had the time to prepare a home cooked Indian dinner.
Knowing my cousin was looking forward to home cooked Indian food. Time was running out and they were to arrive at 9:30pm on Good Friday from Columbus, OHio. I then suggested to my mom, "How bout we order take out" from Paddy's place, the India Palace?" She thought this was a great idea. We arrived at the restaurant around 8ish. I was pleased to see that there were people dining and Paddy had additional staff to help him. We were greeted graciously by the new server and later Paddy. Paddy took our order. We explained to him the importance and time factor. After completing our order of 4 different dishes; chicken curry, sikkh lamb kebob, chicken byriani and aloo vegetable dish. Paddy assured us that we can return at 9pm to pick it up. Sure enough we arrived at 9pm and our food was ready.
We took our food home. Put it in appropriate dishes. My cousin and his wife arrived 15 minutes later. They were absolutely impressed with each dish, the individual spices and flavors. My mother and I thank you Paddy for helping us out to have a relaxing and wonderful Good Friday dinner at home. We wish you the best.


Really great food and and service.

We tried to order Indian Palace about a week ago, the owner being new to the area said he would deliver to central park in Okemos. We decided to eat there today and it is really good. The owner was extremely friendly and the service was wonderful. The owner told us that he was on and i told him how they woudlnt deliver there the other day. He then informed me he changed his delivery radius to 5 miles so he would now deliver to us. He was very very nice. Each dish has its own unique taste and the ingredients are very fresh.

great new owner

So glad that India Palace has a new Chef and owner. Had gone to India Palace in the past for occasional meal, and thought it was OK not great, but to our surprise Paddy made every thing wonderful. Beautifully prepared, Beautifully served. We have already returned for a second dinner. A real treat for the Lansing Area. Thanks so much Paddy!


It was good, its now great

I had enjoyed India Palace before (where else could you go and have Bollywood movies playing on the big screen), but its now under new management and I'm really impressed. This is now a place that cares deeply about food and service and it shows. The food was superb and and the prices more than fair.


new and greatly improved

New and greatly improved India Palace. Spoke with the new owner/chef who vowed to vastly improve the quality of the food and service I had grown accustomed to under the previous ownership. He followed through on his promise. The service was attentive and prompt. More importantly, the food was excellent! Flavors were much more complex and rich. Ingredients tasted much fresher. Menu is expanded and refined. I was so pleased with dinner that I tried the buffet a few days later and was equally pleased. The options were fresh and warm and delicious. I highly recommend this restaurant and will go back often myself. Try it out and you won't be disappointed.


India Palace is the gem of East Lansing

I was surprised to find that there is a new owner of India Palace, a world-class chef no less! He waited on us himself and happily described each dish. His other wait staff was very attentive as well. He presented us with hot towels and a sweet aperitif before we ordered. The appetizer, paneer pakora was served with 2 sauces and spinach- it was a fine meal by itself. The main dish was mutter paneer, with garlic and chive naan. It was a truly excellent experience- I recommend this place as the best Indian restaurant in the area- and the best service of any restaurant that I have been to.



Forget Sindhu for many reasons: bad behavior, worst food, terrible ambience....Just try NEW INDIA PALACE...SIMPLY SUPERB in all aspects....
MANAGEMENT HAS CHANGED in 2009 and it will definitely change ur idea u had about this place on East Lansing

STOP GOING TO SINDHU, especially due to their female waitresses (fair female)


A delicious new India Palace

I have been to India Palace before, but when I went there for dinner monday, I got a big surprise. There is a new owner and chef. And it really is a whole new dining experience. The service was supreme.They were attentive, but you never felt rushed. But most importantly the food was some of the best I have ever had. Fresh, delicious, complex.....Simply FANTASTIC! The menu has changed, but even the menu items that remain are different. And you can customize your dish to the level of spiciness you desire on a 1-5 scale. I feel like the new owner/chef went above and beyond to make sure we were impressed, and we were.

It was definately a much more gourmet dining experience, yet the prices were still very reasonable. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I think I am going to go back this weekend to see how the buffet is.


Stomach Upsetting Food: Not worth money

We as a couple went out on Saturday night just to eat vegetarian indian food. Ambience and service were fine The bread was good too, but the rest of the food was horrible. We felt upset with stomach for the next 24 hours. It burped all through the night which we spent sitting. Good (in disguise)! that we had been served unexpectedly scant amount of everthing we ordered. It was not worth the money qualitywise or quantitywise. We do not plan to visit the restaurant anymore.


Call the waiter!

While the food was fine, the service was HORRIBLE. Several guys were talking in the kitchen but NO ONE bothered to bring water or bring over the menu after we had been seated, and we were not served for a good 45 minutes... and no one had brought us plates, so the waiter had to go back to get them! This is compounded by teh fact that we were the only people in the restaurant. It's a pity because the food was not bad and it's a great location.


Review from an Indian

6 of us went there from our office to check it out for the first time and I am not sure anyone was impressed. I think the main reason for my mediocre review is that it's summer time and all the students are out.
When we went in, there was no one in there. There was only one waitress, who did a decent job otherwise.
The food selection was disappointing. Me and my colleague went to Sindhu's couple months ago and their food quality, taste and variety was much better. Their deserts were great too.
This place has apparently focussed too much on their decoration, etc. Again, since it's down-time may be they are not worrying too much about their offerings, but I would highly recommend Sindhu's overIndia Palace!

Overall - 4.5/10

It will suffice

The quality of the lunch buffet has gone down. I used to go there at least once a week, and now, it's more like once every few months. The selection got smaller and smaller from everything from sauces to deserts.

Dinner is still pretty good. They don't really make the food spicy enough, and the last time I went, they were out of the key ingredient to my favorite dish. It wasn't anything exotic either, it was cauliflower.

Overall, I'll go there again, but won't go out of my way to make it there.


Best Indian Food In Town

My friend and I have been to every Indian and or Middle Eastern restaurant in the Lansing & East Lansing area. India Palace is the best in town. The lunch buffet is the best deal. Plenty of selection for both Vegetarian (my friend) and non Vegetarian (Me). We have eaten there at least 10-15 times.

My only criticism is that the new location has a "warehouse" feel because the ceiling is so high.


The food is still tasty

I used to frequent this restaurant at its previous location. The lunch buffet was quite good, and the dinner was excellent, though more expensive.

At the new location the quality of food seems to have decreased during the lunch buffet, but the dinner is still the same.

The place only has one problem, and it only applies to the lunch buffet. At lunch the waiters are only clearing plates and dispensing drinks. Every time I ate there for lunch it seemed like we always had to wait a long time to get more water. Often we were in a hurry and it would take a long time to pay the bill, as well.

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