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First reviewed by wingnut


Great Family Place

I have a different opinion then all these other reviews and we frequent this restaurant twice a week. The food is always good and the waitresses are very friendly. I beg to differ about the owner being an Ogre, because he is always friendly and speaks to us every time we go in there.I would have to say that just because you were a retail manager doesn't mean you know everything about running a business. That actually made me laugh when I read that " Retail Manager," really? I guess she just knows everything about the business !!! I love this place including the owner. The food is out quickly, tastes good and you get friendly service.. :)



the olympic flame is the best place ever! the waitress' at night are so cute and friendly. especially the blonde with the glasses. it's not their fault they cannot give refills on the window specials, they will get yelled at. I always tip very well because they give such great service!

Anita S.

Horrible all around

The food is so salty when asked not salt so much I was told its prepared in advance so its not fresh. Very dissapointed in the owner just sits at his table and waits for his waitstaff to screw up. I will never eat at this resturant again. When I tried to mention to him about the way he talks to his help he told me to go to my house. What is wrong with this person


food is good, owner is an ogre!!

My friend and I have eaten at the Olympic Flame at least twice a week since they reopened. The food has always been good except for the excess use of salt, but still good. We were in there a couple of weeks ago and were really horrified when the owner started reprimanding our waitress loudly as she sat on her break. The problem was how she had written our order on our bill, which by the way, no one else had a problem reading. My first thought was, learn english. My friend, who has been a manager at several retail stores, told him that he should never reprimand an employee in front of customers. She asked him why he would embarrass her in such a way. His response to us was to shut up and go away. Well, my friend lost it and told him he should be ashamed of himself for how he treats his employees and customers. She told him we would never come in there again. He said, good-leave. He said he didn't care if we ever came back. The man is an ogre to his employees and you can see it in how they act. The tension is palpable. We have not been back, nor will we ever go back. And, from what I hear, other people have stopped going because of this man's attitude. He sits and watches his tv and is not friendly at all.

It all looked good

I ordered chicken lemon rice soup and a small greek salad to go and it came with warm pita bread. The price was great, $6.50 for all of it. When I got home and opened it up it all looked great. However, I was unable to enjoy half of my order as there was no dressing for my salad. For me the salad dressing makes or breaks the restaurant. I had my greek salad with the only salad dressing in my house, italian... and it was awful.
Enjoyed the food but if you get carry out be sure to check your bag for everything before you leave.
Lesson Learned.


I didn't actually eat in the restaurant, but had someone get me a carry- out because I was sick. The Greek salad was great: Greek olives, feta, tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumbers... and I had the lemon rice soup which was great! It all came with bread and pita bread. Yum!

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