Ole Frijole serves Mexican and American food in a casual environment.

fried chicken, tacos
Lunch, dinner, counter service, buffet available

Meal times

  • Lunch
  • Dinner


  • Take-out
  • Reservations accepted
  • Buffet
  • Counter service


  • Beer
  • Wine


  • Casual


  • Wheelchair accessible

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First reviewed by tara


Good Food!!!

Ole Frijole is a very good place as far as the price and the quality of the food, it is a place where the whole family can go from children to elderly people because there is something for everyone!!! Good Stuff!


A great casual homey place

I, my family and friends have been eating at Ole Frijole since it was Perry Boys' Smorgy back in the '70s. They have Mexican and American food--the Chiles Rellenos are excellent (but not served everyday-check the menu bar inside the front door) and tamales on Sunday. Also, some days, Posole and Menudo. The fried chicken is great and served every day. Best of all, for me, because I have food and chemical sensitivities, the food is always very fresh (they have lots of business). Everyone in our group has their favorites--not everything is to everyone's liking, but there are many food choices. The atmosphere is very casual and the staff make you feel at home.


BAD cafeteria style Mex. food.

Although I hate to insult cafeteria food which in this case is actually better than here at Ole Frijole. I succumbed to a desire for Mexican food while I was starving and paid the price. After eating some really bad food I was ill within a couple of hours. Need I say more. Ambiance? There is none. At least when I was there. The place looks like an old dilapidated school lunchroom. As a retired business owner, I hate to torpedo anyone's attempt at success but it appears as if the owners of this place gave up a long time ago in trying to create a more user friendly, pleasant, inviting atmosphere by a remodel or consulting anyone on a new layout. I would highly suggest that you request to view the food bar at the buffet and go from there. Nothing wrong with that and any owner will not turn away a customer with such a request unless they have something to hide. I did, however as I said, I let my stomach overrule my better judgement.


A little extra flavor

At about 9$ this is where I go when I'me really hungry. Mexican food with some of your American favorites, like some of the best fried chicken I've ever had. The ambience is classy yet casual but you will have to go on certain days to get some of their better menu items (Friday for tameles, for example). Plenty of seating ensures you a booth, except for Sunday during brunch. There's really not much more to say. I go about twice a month w/o fail.


Need More

There used to be an Ole' Frijoles in my town (Visalia - 50 mi south of Fresno), but now the only Ole' Frijoles around is in Fresno. It such a tasty place that I actually go to Fresno just to eat at Ole' Frijoles at least several times a year. Ole' Frijoles is a very casual place (I love this fact). The enterance fee is ~$10 and you can eat and drink as much as you want (alchol is extra but sodas and punch is included in the price). There are tacos, beans, rice, cheese enchiladas, salad, pasta, fried chicken, carne asada, chile verde, vegtables, deserts, and a variety of sodas. The best dish is the chicken enchiladas in green sauce... Yummy. Too bad there aren't more of these wonderful Mexican buffets around... :(

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