Nu Wave Fish & Chicken serves seafood and American food. Their inexpensive menu is considered a good value. Visitors agree that they offer great, speedy service.

Known for its fast service.

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First reviewed by diamonds


Excellent Service and Excellent food hands down the best in the

Food was very tasty and I loved the service they were very polite and helpful with suggesting menu items! I have tried JJ's and Manhattan's and a few others but none come close to the great taste that NuWave has to offer! I am sure there are people here and there that have might have had a bad experiece with them but by and far MOST that I have talked to and asked about where to get my wings or fish for my next event 8 out 10 say NuWave has the best and I have found that to be true every time I have gone there! I recommend the one on Davison the food is great and the service is even better very cool people! But if you live far away any other location is as good!


I go to the W. 8 Mile location and must say they have always had delicious food and great customer service. To this person "extrodinary9" you should probably notice that the web site you are visiting is not their web site LOL. Maybe a look at your address bar would show you "". Their price right now is in fact 29.99 and they give you a coupon every time you make a purchase.. Oh by the way JJ's is disgusting compared to Nu Wave


They lie and cheat you on the price of the wing

I called January 23,2010 to get the price for 50 whole wings and was told the price was $29.99 and plus tax it's $31.79. I mentioned that they really went up from $26.99 the guy said yes. I looked up a current 2010 menu five minutes ago. I googled it (Nu-Wave) and the current price INDEED is $26.99 the web site with the current menu and price the year 2010 is on the bottom of the site and is:
check it out for yourselves. This location has better tasting chicken wings than the W. 8 mile location and I was loyal. Not Anymore... They are Crooks.. Trying To Beat You Out Of Your hard earned Money. Lying & carrying on. Times are hard for all of us, they shouldn't do that.. Everyone Please Beware.. Go to J & J's fish & chicken on W. 8 mile. The chicken wings taste better and are more reasonably priced for wing dings or whole wings on their web site you get loads of coupons and a current menu. The web site is


Very disappointed order and customer service

I have supported nuwave business in Detroit on Hayes the food is good but sometimes they do not chage there grease like tonight new year eve my husband ordered some wings and they tasted burnt they are not changing the oil enough and getting into a big rush but quality needs to be at the top of there list along with service now he has to go back and be late for church to get another order when it should have been done right from the beginning , never order or come to late around holidays like these they do not take the time to do it right and then try to give you a problem we wh are spending our money It would not be no them if it was no us supporting them they should take no one for granted becauses word of mouth can move fast to make you successful and it can also be your downfall when treating customers right remember that. We all work to hard for our money to spend it where people might not care.



My wait time was acceptable for the order size. The cashier was very courteous and efficient. My food was very delicious. I have ate at NuWave several times. I never have a complaint. Their fish is also excellent. I have even used them to cater chicken for my parties...they were a life saver. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


awesome baby

i work for chrysler jefferson north assembly plant and we order from nu wave all the time for our potlucks and the chicken is incredible.. i suggest everyone who reads this review hop on over to nu-wave and order some fried chicken....srumptious hoop from the westside of detroit.

Delicious food and Exceptional service

Nuwave far exceeds my expectations. The food is always fresh, our order is accurate, the portions are huge and very reasonably priced. The service is fast and friendly in a very clean enviroment.

Nuwave has become a family favorite in my home. My children cannot get enough of the wings and I personally love the shrimp!!!


Great food ok Service

I order from nuwave when I host a party or attend an event that requires me to bring a dish nuwave 50 whole wings for 20.00 is the best deal in town. I have had ok service due to the large number of people ordering. The only thing bad that I would say about them is they need to order enough wings so that they dont run out as often.



I love Nu Wave. There chicken and fish are awesome. Everything is seasoned very well and their prices are reasonable. I always order 50 whole wings for $20 when I am entertaining. A couple of times they were not ready or they ran out of chicken. But that was bad planning on my end. One suggestion is to get and a place order window and pick-up window.

nu wave nu taste

i tried nu wave chicken and now i am hooked, the food is excellent. I have all my family and friends coming from Westland,Canton,Bellville and West Bloomfield just to get Nu Wave chicken. Nu Wave has the best deals. The service was fast and friendly. I am happy to see other locations over the Detroit area.


Nu wave (forget KFC and other junkfood)

These ppl make the best fish in Detroit! Whiting, pickerel, anything. The JUMBO shrimp are a treat! Good, tasty, clean, non-smelly fish!! And fan-freakin-tastic fries!!!!!!!!!!!! Never again waste money at KFC ok? I paid like $9.32 for 7 count-em seven JUMBO shrimp with sides (fries, etc) and they rocked


bad service

called order in, was informed closed at 11:30pm due to lack of chicken they were closed, but wanted to order fish was RUDELY told they were closed, by manager. Asked to speak to higher up and was told GOD was over him. I have been buying from here every thursday for over a year, didn't appreicate the rude response. Wouldn't give me the west side # so i could order from that restaurant. He should not be a manager thinking GOD IS HIGHER THAN HE IS and no one else. THAT AS A CONSUMER IS SCARY!


Awesome Food!!!

This New place is clean , with fast service. It has by far the Best Chicken wings I ever had ! Especially the honey hot barbecue mmmmmmmmmm! and that not all I'm not a really big fish eater but the people there are really friendly and give out samples. I tried the fried cat fish and and I have to say it was good But the jumbo fried shrimp is my favorite I bought myself a dozen. I never seen shrimp so huge it was larger than the chicken wings! This place is solid !


one person!!

What is this.. having just one person working.. I've gone to this restaurant on more than one occassion and found only one person working, taking orders, cooking, and answering the phone.. This is redicules, most times there are at least five or six people waiting in line to place an order and they have one person!!! they need to hire more people! Not to mention the fact that in this area, its not a good idea to have just one worker working alone, they are just asking to get robbed.

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