Lucky Lou's serves American food in a sports bar environment. Patrons say they offer fantastic service. Lucky Lou's features a full bar.

salads, sandwiches
Lunch, dinner, table service, outdoor seating, happy hour

Meal times

  • Lunch
  • Dinner


  • Table service
  • Take-out
  • Reservations accepted


  • Outdoor seating


  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Liquor


  • Casual


  • Wheelchair accessible

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First reviewed by cat619


Had an Awesome time!

I've never been to Lucky Lou's before, came in and was quite confused where to sit. Had two people tell me to sit where ever you can find. Found a seat and had so many servers I couldn't believe! Had two people ask me for drinks, when they were already coming. My order was taken in a bit after my drinks arrived, food arrived in decent amount of time. But, in the mean time Sam asked me how my day was going and if I had plans for the weekend, as well as Marco checking on me! Does that happen anymore? NO! I will be back to this establishment. If all their employees do this, I can see myself there a few times a week.

Let It Ride

Order the Let It Ride. It will clog your arteries but tantalize your taste buds. Love Lou's, both Mesa and Chandler. I admit I go there enough to be considered a "local", have read the poor reviews and really can't comment on them because I've never had poor srevice or food. My Grandkids love it and they are finicky eaters (not caring for fried or greasy). Happy hour prices are fair and competitive (thwey could extend it from 6:00 to 7:00 like other do), but all-in-all my wife's and mine favorite place to go meet friends and enjoy Friday libations and dinner.


poor service and food

The wings are bad you get better wings at madisons. But who wants to walk into a bar and the first thing is the smoking area always dirty and filled with smoke. Its way better to go to Red white and brew plus the service there is awesome and the people are amazing. Just better bred of people.




Grilled chicken meal

The grilled chicken meal with the 2 sides (steamed vegs. & rice pilaf) was excellent but to charge extra for barbecue sauce to put on a chicken breast that came with nothing else is pretty tacky!! I am writing this because it is also very poor customer service to simply charge a customer for something like this without telling the customer of the extra charge when they ask for it. A customer should never have to be surprised when seeing this on their bill.

Also, $2.50 for a simple iced tea also seems to be high priced.

Ok, just to be fair I returned to Lou's and had the same meal again.
My visit was on a Tuesday during happy hour (between 5:30-6:30).
The place was not very busy as there were about 10 people at the bar and a few of the other tables were occupied. This should not have been a problem for 2 people to service this amount of customers. I ordered my meal and drink and they both were served to me in a reasonable amount of time. I thought that the dinner could have come out sooner as I only saw them bring 2-3 meals out before mine. The server brought me my meal and then he never returned until my meal was gone. How was I supposed to ask for a spoon for my rice pilaf and the time to ask me "how was your dinner" is not when you bring somebody their check. My guy was actually the better of the two who were working this night as the lady never acknowledged me or anything during my entire stay, but she was serving some of the tables around me and then when somebody came in that she knew she stood at the table next to me and talked to that guy for about 5-10 minutes. How about providing some service to the the people who had already been there for over 30 minutes ...


Great place!

I've been going to Lou's for a couple years now and they have great food and great service! After reading some of the negative reviews, I think they were unfair. As with any restaurant, you have your slow times! Maybe it's just a slow week. Just because a restaurant isn't packed when you go doesn't mean that its a lousy place. And as for the Philly Beef Steak......I've had it MANY times and its never been made with hamburger!!


Eat Your Heart Out, Ted Danson

This is DEFINITELY our Cheers! Lucky Lou's new location on the corner of Ray Rd. and N. Federal, right of the 101 is our favorite new local spot! The staff is great, and the food is awesome! Not to mention their amazing drink specials (believe me, they are worth it!) We always have a great time, and never have to worry about poor quality of food or service. This really has become the place where "everybody knows my name!" This place is great for a few happy hour drinks after work (our "happy hour" there usually turns in to 5+ hours), or a very relaxed, fun atmosphere on a night out! They also have a ton of huge TVs to catch the games!! Hands down, the best bar/staff/atmosphere that I've found since I've moved to AZ :)


Greatest spot in Northeast Mesa and now Chander!

When I lived up at Red Mountain off of Power and McDowell, I visited Lou's "east" 2-3 times a week. Aside from the great food, drinks AND prices, Lou's has the best crew. I felt perfectly comfortable going in there by myself or with friends, either way, we were treated like we'd known the staff for years! Now I go to the Chandler location as I live out that way these days and I can tell you to expect nothing less out there as well!! As for the anonymous post choosing to go to Applebee's "until Lou spends his mountain of cash on new decor", well he/she can have that "neighborhood!"


Love this place!

I have been coming into Lou's for a while now, and I've never felt more welcome at a restaurant. I come in at least two times a week if not more. The staff is always so friendly and nice. Especially that tall dark and handsome waiter with the sexy hair. He's my favorite. The food is great as well and it never gets old. I would reccomend this place to anyone I know. This will always be my favorite saturday night hang out!

Going Down Hill

I have been going to Lou's since it opened. I love the staff and the food is good. However, Lou's has become stale. The same food day in and day out, you can set your calendar to the specials, either for lunch or for dinner. Lou has also failed to update the decor. The walls are so in need of painting. He is making a mountain of money, as the place is always packed, no excuses there. He finally got new tvs after 5 years. Now work on the tables, chairs, and mix up the food a little. I am going back to Applebees until he does so.


The best in town

LUCKY LOU's is without a doubt my favorite place to eat, drink and have fun. The food is ALWAYS good. Never had a bad experience. And the service and staff are the tops. You are treated like you're one of the "family". Patrons, too, are friendly. My husband and I go there AT LEAST twice a week. Would recommend it to everyone!! And we do! As a matter of fact, we're on our way there right now!!

Warm friendly place to take the whole family.

We go here at least once a week ever since it opened. They have a great staff. They have specials every day. The fish and clam chowder on Fridays is great but make sure you get there early or you will have a wait. They have the best burgers in town.


Better than CHEERS

This has got to be the best place within EastMesa. The food is fantastic and the people working there are just fabulous. My wife and I visit with friends at Lou's about 3 times per week. We have yet to have a questionable experience, eachtime we come in we are greeted with our usual drinks and a ton of smiles. Not only is the staff friendly the patrons are as well.
Lou has found the secret of maintaining a good crew, as most of the staff has been with him since the place openned.


great place to hang out

LUCKY LOU's is a great place to hang out. But for all of you to know that LUCKY LOU'S is not a chinese restarant it is a casual dining of american cruisine such as Burgars,Steaks,Sandwiches,Pasta's great apps. and a great Bar. We recomend LUCKY LOU'S to everyone. When you walk in to LUCKY LOU'S and you have been there a couple of times the staff will probably know your name or at least know what you like to drink. Great place to hang out rather it is for lunch,dinner or just drinks LUCKY LOU'S is the place to be.

Best neighborhood bar in town

We eat at LUCK LOU'S at least two to three times a week it is a place that makes you feel welcome. You can come by yourself or with a large group and they will treat you like you were part of the family. LUCKY LOU'S is known for there family friendly service. You tell them your name once and they remember you every time you come in. And they have this card call a POWER CARD wich is every dollar you spend up to 125 then they will give you a 10.00 gift certificate. The card is free of charge and when we bring friends in from out of town they think that is the coolest. Thanks LUCKY LOU'S.

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