Leonardi's Pizza serves Italian food and pizza. Their menu is considered a good value. Visitors report they offer good service.

calzones, pizza


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First reviewed by mjon60

Great Value

This is our go-to for our son's birthday parties. Great pizza at great prices! Also love their white sauce pizzas!

Great taste and great price.

Just inside the WINCO front doore, it could not be easier. They have amazing prices and the food is really good.

They offer a mini crowd pleasure of 5 pizzas and a Crowd pleaser of 10 pizzas at a VERY reasonable price.

The grinders are amazing as well. I love that I can buy it by the slice as well. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes a good slice of pizza.

Next stop.....the calzone! I am sure it will be amazing!



This was the best pizza that I have ever eaten!!! Simply Fantastic!!! They have a extensive menu consisting of italian grinders, pizza, and calzones. I would reccomend Leonardi's to everyone who loves pizza. They are located inside of Winco Foods. The service is fantastic and very resonably priced. I love that place!

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