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First reviewed by jimbak01

Buffalo B.

Unbelievable Meal

My wife and I dined at Krabby's and had the Spicy "Fat Alan Burger" and the pit smoked platter. The burger was out of this world--smoked brisket, pulled pork, house cured jalapenos, pepper jack cheese topped with cole slaw with homemade BBQ sauce--I went to heaven. My wife had the Tennesee Triple- St Louis style ribs-pulled pork and beef brisket. The meat just came out of their smoker and would melt in your mouth. The brisket was the best I have ever tasted. Will be back

Fritz S.


Had their homemade pastrami and corned beef. Out of this world. Will be going back. Mr. Kirk also gave us a guided tour of the place--unbelievable--wait till u see their timber framed upstairs. They also make their own bacon and cut it thick for the Angus burgers. All their food is homemade. Enjoy

Buffalo B.

Great Food at Krabby's

My wife n I with a couple of friends went there on Friday nite. Place was packed but the meals were excellent and timely served. Had the brisket which was outstanding and the ribs n chicken fell off the bones. Their homemade BBQ sauce was delicious and amply applied. Their cole slaw was great and their "nawlins beans n rice was tasty. Everything was homemade and delicious. We are going back next week. Here's to you Krabby--great job.

Anny P.

Krabby Kirks is quite the fitting name

Unfortunately I wasn't even able to sample the food before I walked out. You walk in thinking ok this place looks pretty cozy they’ve got a bar they’ve got tables seems legit. At first I thought maybe the bartender and owner were having bad days with the attitudes I received but after reading the rest of these reviews about rudeness I believe there’s just no other excuse other than they are just plain rude to people they don't know. If you’ve never been in here before get your guards up ladies and gentlemen your about to be taken on a bumpy ride.
I will never again step foot into this establishment. Customer Service is not apart of their vocabulary.

Fatboy C.

Krabby Kirks Serves Krappy Krab BLT

First and LAST time visit. Smoked meats, greens and red beans were very good, not the best, but good. The wife was served a nasty smelling crab blt, tried eating through it, nasty. Owner's response was "it's within date" Really? I didn't ask what frickin date was on it, I said it was bad! No apologies, no offers, they simply put the bill on our table. My wife made a second attempt and they took the blt off, but charged us for a side of fries! You just pissed off two prospective customers for 2.99? Kirks will not get any more of my hard earned. Wait Staff was friendly, decor/environment is nice. Owners are classless, wife just walked around like she didn't know where she was, grumpy, unhappy looking, did not engage customers, not friendly, no eye contact, no nothin!! Very weird!! Obviously not real business/people oriented owners.

Mike S.

warm food but not great

have eaten here twice in March, 2012. First time, Sunday evening. One server in the whole area so service was a bit slow, but not because she wasn't tryign--she just had too many tables to cover. Both times the food came room temperature and had to be returned to the kitchen. In the first instance, I ordered the "nawlins" style beans and rice as a side--came with no rice or beans--just a tomatoey mix. That was corrected and the food was heated to an acceptable level.

I gave them a second chance and we went on a busy Friday nite. ordered ribs and brisket with another side of beans/rice. We had 6 people in the party and the place was packed. Food arrived in an acceptable time frame but, once again, was room temperature. Sent it back and the brisket was delicious, but the ribs were overdone. I ate thru what I could--the beans and rice were fine.

Perhaps I need to give them some more chances but so far, it's been below par.


Pathetic barbecue

Went to Krabby Kirk's last night for dinner. We each got a different bbq platter with different sides. The brisket was fatty beyond belief, and overly dry. Ribs were tough and barely edible, and slathered with gobs of their sickeningly sweet sauce. Cornbread is so dry you can choke on it. Mac n Cheese was similar to Kraft-couldn't eat it. Never again!


To Pathetic Barbecue- Get a Life

There are so many inaccuracies in ur report. How can u have a fatty brisket and have it dry- it doesn't happen. U said ribs slatered with their barbecue sauce- that doesnt happen. They give u their homeade sauce to put on yourself- all Krabbys Ribs are carmelised with their sauce on the ribs and chargrilled. Homemade cornbread (fresh) every day. So- u r pathetic pumpseig.


some good some awful

I have gone to Krabby Kirks 4 times now and have found that sometimes the food is good to excellent and sometimes it is awful. 1 lunch was great, with deli style sandwiches and one had so little meat that I asked the waitress what happened. Perhaps the main chef was not there. Once I had ribs that were fall off the bone delicious and recently I had ribs that I wouldn't serve a dog that were like yesterdays meal reheated. So will I go back???? Not anytime soon.

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