Jin Wei serves Chinese food. Patrons agree that they offer great service.

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First reviewed by smcmillan


Great food, Good price!

Finding a great place to eat Chinese food in the Oklahoma City area is proving to be increasingly difficult lately. I eat Chinese food regularly and it seems that the quality of a buffet is slim pickens. Recently, I frequently choose to eat from a takeout restaurant to achieve best results. Jin Wei Super Buffet located at 500 S. Meridian in Oklahoma City has proven to be a superb assortment of Chinese and Japanese dishes.
The restaurant probably holds about 200 customers and is divided into three different areas which offer both tables and booths. There is a hostess station directly to the right after passing through the entryway. An employee seated me immediately after approaching the station.
The buffet has three islands filled with different entrees. As I was piling my first plate, I noticed that there are several different kinds of chicken that I don’t typically see on a buffet, like orange and pineapple chicken. There are at least 80 entrees and sides to choose from at Jin Wei.
After sitting down to start my meal, a server came by and gave me a list of entrees including ribs, shrimp, steak, chicken, pork, etc., asking me if I would like the chef to prepare a sample of any of these. Regardless of how these samples tasted, I was impressed that I was even being offered a fresh entrée at a buffet.
The food appeared freshly prepared and tasted fairly well. I especially cared for their spring rolls and pineapple shrimp. They offer Japanese and Chinese cuisine for any taste. For dessert, I recommend their hand-dipped ice cream. They also offer an assortment of fresh fruit, cookies, and cakes.
The service received at Jin Wei was incredible compared to past experiences I’ve had with other Chinese buffets. Although our server didn’t speak English well, he still strived to carry on several conversations with us and the table next to us. He entertained my three-year-old and checked to see if there was anything we needed from the buffet that he could get for us.
My overall experience at Jin Wei Super Buffet was excellent. The service and cleanliness of the establishment was pleasing. I think that it is important that the employees at any food establishment be friendly to their customers and make a genuine effort to please their customers. I will not hesitate to return to this establishment and recommend it to anyone who has a hankering for a variety of Chinese and Japanese dishes.


Worth The Drive

My heart beat must have been at least 150 by the time my wife and I got to Meridian and I-40. The wind was howling and the rain was coming down in buckets. We arrived a little late because we drive from Fayetteville Arkansas (approx 200 miles) just to eat here. We discovered Jin Wei's on one of our trips to Vegas a few years back and come here just to have dinner.

My wife loves the teppan yaki grill plus grilled salmon, pike, squid, and everything is always very good.

See the menu at jinweirestaurant.com

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