Jimmy's Grille offers a diner style environment. Their menu is considered a great value. Jimmy's Grille is often busy. People remark that they offer great service.

Known for its great value and as a great restaurant to have dinner.

homemade desserts, corn pudding, chicken salad, fried chicken, puddings, dumplings, meats, desserts, salads, chicken
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, table service

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First reviewed by daraqw

Walked out without getting served

We went to jimmy's for breakfast on Sunday. Waitress was so out of it, she could not get the juice order straight (1 sm oj, 1 small v8). We ordered eggs and pancakes. All the tables around us had gotten the wrong food or no food and everyone was complaining. We asked to talk to the manager and was told that he was in the kitchen. No manager came and no food came, so we left.

A restaurant worth a wait

I have gone out of my way several times to go to Jimmys on the way to Rehoboth. Once I was even able to eat lunch with the founder (Jimmy), who told me his secrets: using food from scratch instead of putting money into prepared or semi-prepared food, and taking great pride in his food. I have never been disappointed, and I have rarely had to wait. The apple dumpling is big enough for a meal and amazing. This is home-cooked food and so one should not be thinking they are getting gourmet, but it is great and good quantities. I have never seen a fly there. The restrooms are clean and updated.


The food is amazing. I highly recommend eating at Jimmy's. I've been there three times now because I am from out of state and visiting family close by. The two times we went there we had great service. I loved the waitresses there and gave them great tips. The last time I went there was on a Sunday during lunch time. It kind of busy but we had to wait for so long just to get a refill on a soda. We had asked her for a container to put our leftovers in it but she never came back. After 10 minutes of us waiting my boyfriend went to the front and brought the container back. We even went to go pay and as we were leaving there was still NO SIGN of this waitress. She was the worst waitress I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I've traveled the whole East Coast almost and by far the worst waitress. But I will go back there. I'll just make sure I don't get that waitress because the other waitresses were great. The food is amazing and well priced. I will go again.

Love It

Got hooked on Jimmy's chicken in Dewey. When I finally stopped at the diner on 404, it wasn't a let down. The chicken was great, the rolls were great, and the peanut butter banana cream pie was awesome. I would give it 5 stars, but they lack on there sides at the diner. There is no reason to use frozen french fries and sweet potato fries when they can acheive fresh cut at the place in Dewey. I say upgrade the fries guys. It's a simple thing to do!!!!!


As Good As It Gets Anywhere

My wife and I always try to stop at Jimmys on our trips to OC. We think this is one of the best restaurants we have ever eaten at and that includes a fair number of restaurants in Paris. We love the selection, we love the seasoning, we love how it is prepared. For instance, you can't find collard greens everywhere, much less seasoned deliciously, and neither under cooked or over cooked. It would be easy have them boiling all day and over cooked. And this is just a side dish. We have yet to find a bad selection on the menu. So far we have found all the wait staff pleasant and efficient. The ambiance is not what you go here for, it's the food and we think it is a genuinely rewarding experience.


bad bad bad service

We tried to eat there again today after boycotting for six months.The restaurant needs to fine better lunch waitresses. I will not make the mistake of going there again at lunch time. There are some good waitresses at dinner but if the good waitress are not on we will not be eating there. Not all of the food is good sometimes cold food is hot and sometimes hot food is cold (toast cold).

Remember the Titans #1 place to eat in De

The Original Titans attend many functions in delaware each year . All of our trips are scheduled so we can stop of for breakfast, lunch or dinner at Jimmy's .


Worth the Drive!

I went to Milford to visit a relative and he told us the best place to eat was Jimmy's. I thought the drive took forever, it was worth the drive. Friendly waitress, best crab cake and chicken salad I ever had. My mother raved about the rolls and she is still talking about the corn pudding. The food was so good, we drove from Philadelphia and will definately be back. I will definately try the deserts next time, the portions are so big it's hard to save room for desert. Jimmy's Rocks!! *******


My Catering Experience

I hired Jimmy's Grille and Catering for a wedding this summer and would not recommend anyone do business with this company. In the months leading up to my wedding, I had contact with the catering department twice, each time repeating the location of the wedding and the number of guests (about 115 adults). The Monday before the wedding, the catering manager called to get the final headcount. When she saw the location on the file, I was told I would have to pay an additional $200 delivery fee as it was outside their "local area." She also said I would now have to pay for a 150 person minimum due to the travel distance, which basically added on the cost of 35 more guests to my total bill. Again, from the very beginning, I had told them where the wedding was to be held and two different employees in the catering department had looked it up on a map and said it was not a problem.
I couldn't exactly find another caterer five days before my wedding, so after trying to compromise and after contacting the owner's office in Dewey, I basically had to go along with this bait and switch in order to have food at my wedding. I should also note that after making this last minute change, the catering manager refused to take my calls to discuss the situation. I was promised (by the very nice catering assistant) that there would be lots of leftovers, as they were bringing food for 150, but they only left the hot plates which had already been started; nothing extra.
After the wedding, I wrote to the owner of the company and asked to be refunded for the 35 guests who had not been fed and for whom no food was provided as leftovers. I offered to still pay the delivery fee as a compromise and as an act of good faith. I received no response. I contacted the Better Business Bureau, but their letters have been returned unopened from the Bridgeville address, as if the company has gone out of business. However, I know they have not as I called there today and they are still available to do catering.
I have given up on receiving any refund from Jimmy's, but I hope I can save other people the disappointment of a similar experience. You can only imagine the stress of dealing with this type of situation with your caterer the week of your wedding. I recommend you not consider them for your event at all. However, if you do, make sure you get a written contract, something they did not offer at the time I booked with them


In part I agree w/anonymous reviewer 10/5

Have been stopping there on way to Bethany for 12 years on Saturdays for breakfast...the anonymous reviewer of 10/5 was right about the non-concern of the staff...friendly to the regulars, but indifferent to out-of-towners...food sub-standard, nothing to write home about...it's just a place to stop and rest. And the flies! Can't you control them?? Always flies around our food, on the windows, display cases w/desserts. etc. Disgusting. Will give you another try on Sept. 6, only because there's no where else convenient. Mr. or Ms. Manager - would it be too much trouble to let your staff know that they are in need of improvement in the be-friendly-to-all area?


Far & Wide, the best food I have tasted

Not only is the home made, home cooked food the best I have had [US & abroad], it is reasonable. I usually order 5 sides with my meat [pork chops, fried chicken, meeatloaf]. Nowhere else can you get corn pudding, collard greens, green beans, squash and dumplings that are not canned.... plus, the veggies are seasoned to perfection!! I'm leaving in about 2 hours to take my grandsons to the Ocean and it is mandatory that we stop at Jimmy's going and coming back. Chase is usually our waiter and not only is he entertaining, he is a great server!! I hope Jimmy's continues its fine food and great service.


Great Food

We recently stopped for lunch on our way to the beach. They were busy, but the food was worth the wait. We only had to wait maybe 30 minutes for our food. My husband ordered chicken and dumplings and he said it was the best he ever had. The dumplings were huge and the best I ever tasted also. I had chicken salad and it was great, but I ate some of my husband's dumplings. We also had the lima bean soup and it was great. The food is great there and we can't wait to go back again on our next vacation to the beach. We bought 2 pies (lemon & Cocoanut cream)to take with us and they didn't last very long. Mmmmm Good!

Complaint. I will not go back to this restaurant

Last evening (Wed, 10/5, at 6 pm) I was passing Jimmy's Grille and was hungry for some chicken. I stopped and ordered 4 breasts to go to take it with me on the road as I was traveling. It was daylight when I went in and dark when I came out(after 7 pm) I waited over and hour, went to the counter, told the thin girl with the earring in her eyebrow that I couldn't wait much longer as I had a long drive ahead of me. No one seemed concerned about my drive OR my order. I Waited over an hour and still no chicken. I had to leave without it because I wasn't getting any cooperation from the 'help'. I think if you order chicken at Jimmy's the counter help should tell you it will be about 1 and 1/2 hours wait time to get chicken to go. No one said anything like that to me or I never would have placed the order I was so mad and hurt I cried when I got to my car. The staff at Jimmy's also caused me to drive after dark which I don;'t like to do. I will never go back to that restaurant even tho my family, guests and relatives travel by there many times a week as we have 3 homes in Bethany Beach, Delaware. The food and bakery products are good, but if you order a 'take out' order you'll wait at least an hour or more.
Former customer....


Down-Home Cooking

This is a favorite stop on the way to and from the Delaware beaches. Jimmy's has the best fried chicken ever--at really reasonable prices--under $10 for half a chicken (you can even specify all white or all dark meat), along with a choice of two of the nearly dozen homemade side dishes, from corn pudding, to greens, to limas and dumplings. The first thing on the table, though, is a basket of dinner rolls, hot from the oven, the best yeast-raised dinner rolls you've ever tasted, served with real butter (and there's always jelly on the table because Jimmy's serves breakfast until noon-a really fine meal here, too.)

Be sure to save room for dessert: the homemade pies and cakes are legendary and can be bought to go. There are always over a dozen choices--something for everyone, from strawberry pie to coconut custard pie topped with merangue several inches high. There are also homemade apple dumplings, bread pudding and rice pudding, cookies, and dinner or cinnamon rolls that can all be bought "to go."

Finally, this place is truly old fashioned in that they only take cash. If you forget, you can use the ATM in the entry for a hefty bank fee. It's not expensive, though, a meal for two can be had for under $20. Jimmy's doesn't serve alcohol of any kind, either. It really is a melting pot of a family restaurant that appeals to patrons of all ages.

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