Jay Jay Cafe offers a diner style setting. Customers report they offer great service, and they especially like their breakfast offering. A few patrons were disappointed by poor service.

Known as a great place to have breakfast.

home fries, catfish, salads
Breakfast, table service, buffet available

Meal times

  • Breakfast


  • Table service
  • Reservations accepted
  • Buffet


  • Casual


  • Wheelchair accessible

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First reviewed by richard46

NOT Bad!! Everythings GOOD!!!

I am so glad to be able to eat at a "real" cafe now near us on the SW side of Arlington off Little Rd. We ate lunch there on Wednesday and it was very busy. As the crowd shows, with people coming in as soon as someone gets up, people are thrilled about coming here. The food is very good!! The service was good too! The catfish (fried or grilled) is so delicious, nice big half sides not little nuggets or pieces. There are ample variety of vegetables and meats. Nice clean and spacious restaurant. Oh yes, the pies are very good and freshly prepared here.

Awesome Place

This place is fantastic! I go there all the time with my husband and kids. Their breakfast is AMAZING! The food is always hot and served with a smile. There are two girls that work there that like to wear bows-- I can't remember names but I know they work saturday mornings. Out of 5 stars I give them 6! I strongly recomend to give them a try, but if the older lady serves you just request another waiter! She wears a braid all the time and just always seems to have an attitude her name stars with Mo....
Any-whoo.. go check them out! This is our favorite place to go. I was informed by one of the girls that they grind their coffee fresh every morning.
Can't say much about the one on bowen-I've been there twice but it was to go. The male cashier was very friendly and funny!

New Annivesary tradition

Good afternoon,

Many people complain when service and food are bad ,but I want to tell the good news.

My husband and I were looking for a place to have some good old fashioned breakfast this past Saturday. We were celebrating our 8yr wedding anniversary.

Needless to say we decided Jay Jay Café would become a tradition for us.

The service and the food were delicious. We had the buffet but look forward to trying some eggs over medium(most folks can’t get them right). But we will give it a try.
I mentioned the café to some church members and they are already fans of the catfish .

Thank you again for taking us back to some South Carolina good old fashioned breakfast.
My husband said it was just like home after he woke up ..of course!
An above comment mentioned the ambiance ..that is was a bit off.
In my opinion, that's what made it what it was.

Tammy L. Dozier

Great Breakfast!

A friend of mine who loves the place brought me there for breakfast and it was great! I had the German pancakes and she had the blueberry. Both were delicious, very reasonably priced, and service was great. The waiter offered and brought out extra lemon sauce and powder sugar. I will defiantly go back : )


we loved it

Went there for the first time about a week or two with my family and there was this server,clean a very nice that took the time to sugest couple of items and we try what he sugested and we loved it,we will come back and ask for efrin,very friendly guy.


great food, but don't sit at Jo's table on bowen

There is a waitress, Jo, at the Bowen location who is rude and not very good at her job. Makes faces when you ask for a go box. she needs to quit if she hates her job that much.


Great food

The food was great, seasoned just right. The atmosphere was great, friendly guest and workers. I will be telling all my friends and family about this restaraunt so they can come here and eat.

This is a five star place to eat.


Once a week

We have been eating at Jay Jay's every week for over a year now. We meet friends for pancake nights. I love the blueberry pancake breakfast or eggs benedict with home fries. Yummmmmmy
They are working to update a little but part of the charm is the comfy, slightly warn feeling. Next time you need a little comfort food-check out Jay Jay's.
ps almost forgot to mention the pies are all made from scratch on the spot. pie making is almost a lost art but not here.


they also have a location on south bowen which has better lighting.

but i love the chicken fried steak... its so tender u can cut it with a fork. the catfish is also really good, they season it well and fry it to perfection.

there is a good selection of veggies and there's a different soup and veggie to choose from every day.

my 2 favorite dinners are:
1.chicken fried steak with homefries and broccoli and a bowl of broccoli cheese soup on friday along with my 2 rolls and a dr.pepper.
2. catfish with a side salad ranch for the dressing.

next time u visit give those a try also try a slice of the strawberry banana pie and the blueberry cream cheese pie.


Good food & service, ambiance a bit off

I've eaten there 5 times this year. The food is all American comfort food. Good portions and good flavors. I agree with the other post on the salads. They need to be updated considerably. The service was attentive and consistent. My servers earned their tips.

Better lighting would be great. The hole-in-the-wall feeling doesn't sit well.

NOTE: Don't go to the website. The horrid grammar alone would give your third grade English teacher a heart attack. Very unprofessional looking. Surely someone who works there could do much better with it. Or at least pay to have a professional one done.

I do highly recommend the place just on food and service alone.


Why I like Jay's Cafe

Love the food-just like Mom used to make.
Wish the place had lower lighting, better decor, ambiance.
I'll come back, of course. The service is good, friendly. I hope the restaurant can stay in business, because it's close, convenient and really good food - healthy veggies and good fish (I'm vegetarian)
Would like better salads.

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