The Nuggett Downtown Grill offers American food in appealing surroundings. Their menu is considered an outstanding value. Customers praise their great service. Some people complain about poor service.

Known for its outstanding value.

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First reviewed by RiTer07


Poor servicemand cold food

We went to get some food after attending the ice festival. The waitress wasn't friendly and did not tell us about the specials. My husband ordered a chicken melt and I ordered the grilled chicken on kaiser bun both with fries. Well my husband sandwich was totally wet with grease. The fries were cold and the waitress never came back to check on us. We had to hunt her down to get a soda refill. The waitress charged us 1.00 too much for each of the sandwiches and when I pointed it out to her she made a big face as if to say so what it's only 2 bucks. She corrected the bill and dropped it off at our table without saying a word. We ate our food since we were cold and hungry bur won't be back. The pretty Christmas lights don't make up for cold food and poor service. Hopefully she got the message with our small tip. My husband didn't even want to leave a tip. My husband said that she must be related to the owner as that is the only way she would be able to keep her job.

One of the best places around.

I have never ever had a bad experience here. Loved the food and had great service.

Ho hum.

I think it's ho hum. My beau thinks their burritos are the best thing since sliced bread, however. I really didn't care for what they did to my steak, but I have very strong feelings about steak.

I want my flavor to come from fresh, simple, high-quality ingredients cooked with skill--which doesn't describe the menu here. The beau has more appreciation for flavorful sauces, which this place certainly has. If you're a bit saucy, you may like it better than I did!


Okay Place

We went here after getting a coupon on the back of a martin's receipt. After looking up the place on line I found lot of bad reviews, so after visiting I had to share my own review. The place had a nice atmosphere and food was very good. The waitress was also excellent. Only problem was the woman bartender. Quite the attitude, and probably should invest in some customer service classes.


Went there once for their $2 burgers and $3 imports night and didn't have a problem. Burger's were solid and waitress was cool.

Terrance S.

I cant believe people spend money here...

After 3 attempts to enjoy myself at this establishment, and getting horrible service, astonishingly bad food, and an urge to slap the owner on principal alone... I have decided to warn others away from this place. The first time, I came in for lunch and ordered a burger and fries. I always get my burgers with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. My sandwich came with "salad dressing" (miracle whip) on it, and I sent it back and asked for mayo... it came back the same exact way...and ... the owner proceeded to argue with me that "when people order mayo, what they really want is miracle whip". FAIL

The next time, the owner was drunk singing karaoke instead of waiting on customers, (us). We were refused food service because the kitchen was closing in 15 minutes.

The 3rd and final time I will ever set foot in that place, my wife had received a $10 gift certificate (some sort of spam marketing ploy), and we decided to give em one more chance and go have dinner and a few drinks. When we arrived, there were literally 2 people sitting at the bar, and 15 open seats.... but the bartender had newspapers, dirty dishes, dirty glasses, a magazine she was reading ... and a bunch of other crap ...all over the bar... she did not offer to clear a spot for us when we asked to sit down. So we cleared a spot for ourselves, and one of the waiters, clearly irritated that we chose that spot, shoved a dirty ashtray in front of me right after I had moved it away. When we were carded, my wife's id expired on her birthday (ok fine), so no booze, but no offer for soft drinks, or food at all ... just REFUSAL OF SERVICE. Someone should tell these people that a restaurant is supposed to be about HOSPITALITY. So ... unless you are good friends with Dave, (the owner), there is no reason to go in this place and PAY MONEY to get treated like crap. If you are friends with Dave, maybe you could explain to him that in order to get people to come back, you have to invest in CUSTOMER SERVICE.


Horrible Experience

We went to The Nugget expecting a great meal while enjoying company of a cousin from out of town. We had talked about going there for a while, but never got around to it. We ordered the Mozzarella sticks and they came out very cold in the middle (almost frozen). When our meal came it appeared to have been prepared in advance and re-warmed in the microwave. The breading on the fish was soft. Then halfway into the meal my husband found a hair under his fish. The hair did not belong to either of us (even though the manager/owners daughter implied it belonged to me). She apologized, but refused to take anything off the ticket. I only took 3 bites of my dinner. She got really rude with us after trying to call her dad saying something along the line of, "I guess he doesn't want to deal with your problem either". Evidently his phone was off the hook. We had witnessed the cook or someone from the back eat one of the cold mozzarella sticks, a lady fluffing her long hair in the kitchen then pulling it back again, and overall poor service and atmosphere. I guess if you have enough alcohol in your system you can ignore the rude staff and all the unsanitary kitchen practices.

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