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First reviewed by Lilly


best place ever

I went in and sat at the bar on a wednesday. I had the nicest bartender ever and the food was actually very good. She kept my drink full and even helped out with the other girls and their tables. This will be my new favorite place when I fly in from Colorado. Thank you April and thank you Alma.


Once a week

I eat here once a week for lunch and I seldom if ever get slow service even when it’s crowded. I eat here because I get quick service and predictable food not great but above average. I feel bad for Nora and Lilly but since women not all but most don’t tip worth a damn no matter how good the service is they may get shorted, especially in a place called Emerson Biggins. Try and part with more than 2% for a tip and your service might improve.


Not for a nooner

Service was unbelievably slow. The place was not that busy and there were several waittresses. Not sure what they were doing. It wasn't waiting on us. Food was ok once we got it. But not good enough to wait an hour to get it. If you cannot give good service over the noon hour then don't open up til 5:00 if you are after the happy hour crowd.


Terrible Service

I met friends from out of town for lunch. Since I work downtown, my friends went ahead and ordered for me. After I arrived, it was 45 mins until our food arrived. This was my lunch HOUR. We had to ask for additional silverware & waited...ketchup & fries were gone when the ketchup arrived. From the time I entered the restaurant until I left, it was 1 hour and 55 minutes. Don't go to this restaurant unless you have time to waste. I doubt that I will go back.

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