Crossroads Pub offers seafood and bar food in pleasant surroundings. Customers praise their good service. Crossroads Pub features a full bar.

hush puppies, crab cakes, soups, meats
Table service, outdoor seating

Meal times

  • Dinner


  • Table service
  • Take-out
  • Reservations accepted


  • Outdoor seating


  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Liquor


  • Casual

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First reviewed by tln

Best crabs in Maryland

I used to live in Columbia and loved the crabs served at Crossroads. Now that I live in the Richmond area, I make sure I build in time to have crabs there every time I visit. They know how to do them right and I have eaten lots of crabs at many different places in my lifetime!

Our favorite place

We have been going there at least once a week for years and simply love the food and the people. Their cream of crab soup is the best I've had anywhere and the crab cakes are outrageously delicious!

Best Crabs In Md

Been going for 4 years plus - I eat crabs 2 to 3 times a week - by far this is the best place in MD - would not even consider going to Annapolis or Kent Narrows for crabs waste of time - CROSSROADS is # 1 - Lance and the crew are great. Hope to get there today!

Steam crabs unparalleled!

I would drive from Columbia to Chandler's in Annapolis because I considered Chandlers to be the best steamed crabs north of St. Michaels but a fellow Rotarian informed me about how great were the steamed crabs and other seafood. The Jumbo size and Large are both large and heavy and the crabs are steamed just right and fresh and better get there early or they run out. The place is unimpressive looking both from the outside and inside decor but if you want the very best in steamed crabs go to Crossroads with your best girl or friend. The cost is amazingly fair compared to other places such as Crackpot, Lochraven Boulevard,Baltimore County, or other Crab establishments. The crowd can be noisy, at times, but your eating crabs. I rate this place as a 10 out of 10 and have never been disappointed.

Great crabs and service

We went there for the first time in July after hearing from a friend how great the crabs were. Not only were the crabs great but the service was excellent.


An escape from the norm

If you want to get away from the uppity ignorant rich and snobish, area but not leave home, yes come where the people are down to earth, as the yuppies say hicksville, check out this great hidaway bar restaurante where the crabs are great and the prices are reasonable. It's been here for allot longer than the snobs that bought our farmland around us.


Heaven and Hell

Yes, the place is a dump... Yes, the service is terrible... Yes, you will think you are in Hickville USA with the staff...

BUT - the food is excellent and the crabs are very good. Food is very fresh and the crabs are full of meat. Yes, you will get the occasional 1 or 2 that had no business being cooked. But all in all, the food is the ONLY reason why you frequent the Crossroads Pub.


Best kept secret in Howard County

Folks! Don't even read anything until you try this place for yourself. The best crab soup, Md. or Cream. The best Crabcakes, large and tasty, and the Best crabs year round.
The owner is the greatest guy you could ever deal with. Just hope you show up when he has made rice pudding

Love It

I'm glad to see the great comments about this restaurant (pub). I have family in Dayton who introduced me to Crossroads. I haven't been there lately, but am planning a trip soon for the best crabcakes ever! Written 3/18, planning to visit in June.


good food, crabby owners

To start the crabs are awesome. It's a nice little place to go relax with some good people and enjoy good food. Although I have had one pretty bad experience. I was there with a couple of people eating and drinking. The place was pretty empty and nearing closing time. They turned up the music and then played the most raciest song i've ever heard. I watched the owner and hillbilly employes laugh and sing the song. So beware, it is located backwoods and in turn backwoods retards work there. I vowed to never go back...

Great hidden gem

This hidden little pub is awesome! Don't be fooled by the location. The crabs here are the best around. The cream of crab soup has tons of huge chunks of meat. The bar is small, but with the new outdoor seating area, the restaurant has doubled its seating capacity. This place is just awesome. I tell all my friends about it.


Stopped in after a funeral for a family member.
Had All You can Eat Crabs @ $29.95

I have lived in Maryland 90% of my life...these were the best crabs I've ever had.
Huge claws filled with meat, nicely spiced. I lost track as to how many I ate but I will be returning and soon. Geat place quiet and off the beaten path.


My husband and I had dinner at the Crossroads Pub and loved it! We heard great things and wanted to try it out. The service was great and the atmosphere was very casual and comfortable. The crab cakes are wonderful! The crab dinner specials looked great, but we will have to go back to try them another time. The Crossroads Tavern is a wonderful neighborhood pub!


The Best Crab Bisque in Maryland

Don't let the pub/bar appearance fool you...If you want the best crab bisque in Maryland, then you need to try crossroads has lots of lump crab meat and it's always very fresh!! I go out of my way to stop in here! The only complaint is that I believe they don't serve lunch during the week.T

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