Boomerang's Bar & Grill offers bar food. Their menu is considered a phenomenal value. Boomerang's Bar & Grill is often busy. Customers notice their great service. Visitors note that it is a a good spot to have a refreshing beer.

Known for its phenomenal value.

fish fry, desserts, soups
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First reviewed by rodluis99

Phenomenal food

Family took us here (we now live in Virginia). The food is phenomenal - would go for 3x or 4x the price in our area. Pork chops and chicken dishes are epicurean delights perfectly prepared but in a not-pretentious, family friendly, "typical Buffalo bar" environment. Wait staff was extremely helpful with selection, service attentive but unhurried. Damn! Just when you think it cannot be topped, they bring out a fried baloney sandwich to the next table that is the kind I wish I could have made back when I was a bachelor. These guys cover the whole waterfront (literally, can throw a rock in the Niagara from the front deck) and do it with real enthusiasm.

Great place!

If you want great food, fun time, reasonable prices, and fantastic deserts this is one of the rare places you can find it.
Although you may have to wait to be seated on occasions, or you might have to wait a little longer for your food....well it is well worth it so just relax and have a few drinks.

Love the Place

I frequent Boomerang's quite ofter and have never had a bad meal. The service has always been great (especially for lunch) and the food very good and plentiful. When my wife asks if I've had enough, I tell her "more than enough". You have to try the Buffalo Wing Soup (usually on the specials board), perfectly spiced! Give Boomerang's a try and support local restaurants!

We will not be back !

Our small group (9 persons) chose Boomerang's on basis of a place where.
we could find basic food of good quality.
The food was not disappointing but the service less than outstanding.
We were seated by 6 PM, and the place was not crowded. Drinks were served promptly, but service fell apart afterward.
Our, orders were slow in coming out of the kitchen, with some of us served well after the initial plates put down. We encouraged those already served to begin eating while the rest of us waited for our meals.
The wait for the check was even longer. I had to approach our server (who appeared to be bartending as well) to bring the check which included a 20% gratuity-- appropriate for a group if the service had been competent.
To add insult to injury, I noticed that the gratuity had been figured not only on the bar and food total but also on the tax !
This is just not right, and when I asked about it, I was told that it was always done that way.
We will not be back either as a group or as individual dinners.

always in a hurry b.

Great if you are in a hurry

We eat at Boomerangs often, and alot of times before plays, sporting events, etc. We make our reservation and remind Tom (the host) when we get there, and he and his staff make sure we are where we need to be on time. Great food, great staff and still time to enjoy our evening. Thank you !

Outstanding food, great value..

Truly one of the best fish fry's in the Western NY area.... Large portions, reasonably priced and GREAT TASTING!


Boomerang's Cause You Will Be Back

I love Boomerang's. The food is great and you get alot for your money. I went there on a whim one day all by myself. I have been back over twenty times!!!! In fact I am taking my girlfriends there to have appetizers and drinks for my birthday...Can't wait. They have lobster danties, clams casino, shrimp cocktail, loaded fries and some other stuff too for appetizers oh yeah spinach dip

Consistant quality

Being a regular patron for several years I am pleased that the quality of the food has been consistantly good. High quality food and large portions at "reasonable" prices....... Want a real treat? Try the panko battered fish fry.....!!!!! Outstanding......!!


Host needs to go

I go to Boomerangs usually with my elderly father and aunt and the food is usually good price/value but everytime I am tehre this guy about 40-45 that seats you is so rude and unfriendly. It seems each time I walk up to the podium he just stares at me and never offers a "welcome" etc. I asked him to substitute the potato's for extra veggies and he said "we will have to charge you $1 extra for that". That is just poor business practice. It is too bad because otherwise the food is rather good.


Food so good you will be back for more

Good Food, Good Meat, Good God let's eat! Best kept secret is that the food here is like eating at Buffalo Chop House without the high prices. Chefs in the kitchen make some really amazing dishes. Those who don't have anything nice to say I have one question. Haven't you ever had a bad day? When I was a child my Dad used to say "If you don't have anything nice to say don't !"..If you had a business would you want people to rate it on one visit? I bet not. We've been coming here for years and will continue to do so. Sue & Wayne (i.N.S.)


used to be good

i used to go to bommerangs all the time, great food, but this friday me and my girlfriend went to a fidh fry and it was awful!! greasy, mushy batter, it used to be great. i asked the waitress about it and she said the chef that used to work there moved out of state, well the food is no longer good!!! the stuffed banana peppers used to be great, and now awful!! i recieved only 2 peppers and they were stuffed with just cream cheese!!! there was no oil or anything in the pan and the rolls were hard as a rock!! the waitress never tried to correct it either, she continued to tell me that they have been getting alot of comnplaints about the food lately, but that was all she said. i used to be a loyal customer, not anymore!!!!!!

Excellent food at great prices... but.....

We had a great meal and the prices are so good. However, our waiter, while very nice, was so rushed we never got a chance to ask a question or answer his question. Despite that we will go back!

Also, It would be nice if Boomerang's menu was on a website.


Best FISH FRY in Buffalo!!

Without a doubt the best fish fry I have had in many years. Light, crspy and flavorful beer batter, not oily. Very ample portions, side dishes of high quality. Reasonable prices.....


Great food, Great Price

I was recommended to this restaraunt by a co-worker last summer, and since moving downtown, have visited 3 times. Each time the food was fantastic (try the french onion soup), and the entrees were delicious, hot, and served in a timlely fashion. The service was good, our server appeared fairly busy. The best part was tht we went on a friday night, and had a table within 10 minutes.


Good food fair prices

I live in the neighborhood, and have introduced my suburban friends to it and now they frequent there more than I do!

Large portions for the prices! I have a good appitite and almost always take food home. Great desserts, but almost never get them because we are too full. Wide variety of food, but their daily specials are fantastic.


Great Food - Great Price

This is what I call a basic pub type. I go for the large potion, varied and down home menue at a very reasonable price. The service is good without being pushy - many places push you into drinks, deserts etc.... not here.

I have had, or have been with friends who have had many things on the menue - never a complaint whatsoever!

Everyone that I introduce to the resturant comes back on thier own!

Just my opinion.


absolutely amazing

Contrary to a previous review about taking a child to this restaurant, we had a wonderful experience with a 4 year old. Server could not have been more pleasant, and the food could not be more delicious. We frequent the place and have never been disappointed in the food quality. Prices are exceptionally fair, and servings are more than ample. Absolutely my favorite restaurant in the Buffalo area. Kudos to the chef, servers, and owner!


Terible Expierence

We went there tonight for a nice dinner but we were excurted to the back dining room air conditioning so cold couldn't stay there we then went to the porch nice nit but then we were told no wait person for the porch so we left. we usually had a good meal very disappointed.


lobster dainties

Ordered lobster dainties which were served in a soup bowl, floating in butter and garlic powder... I eat dainties allot and these were disgusting... The garlic powder took my breath away... Waittress didn't offer to correct the problem and the manager was no help either, he even offered to wrap them up for me to go?!!!!! To our dismay, they even charged us for them even though we only ate one... Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sucks if you are with children

Here's the deal-we (my family) have lived with the wonderful staff that have migrated from The Place. Tonight I went in with friends NEW to Boomerangs, and our children. The attractive family member (sorry, when I am with Jim and Sally you introduce yourself, tonight you looked down at our kids)went through a silly stage-whisper ordeal with his wait-staff that we could hear snippets of, "children...easy...not a big tip"

Well, as you can imagine I have had better service at McDonalds. SHAME ON YOU, BOOMERANGS! My children were well mannered, we bought a bottle of over-priced wine, and because you have no children's menu, everyone ordered a meal. WOW-apparently families with children don't warrant politeness. When asked what the salad dressing was, our waiter could only point to the menu. Funny that, after we were 'served' he politely recounted no less than EIGHT dressings to the table next to us-at least, if you are going to be a jerk-be a smart jerk-they were RIGHT NEXT TO US-will not go back which is too bad for them. My family has probably eaten there once a week since they opened...

Great food

Boomerang's has delicious food, and it's not expensive. Almost everything on the menu is less than $10. I suggest getting there by 5:00 or after 8:00 because it can get busy. You can have an appetizer, an entree with salad and dessert for less than $40 a couple. Their specials are outstanding.


Best Little Kept secret in the West Side

Boomerang, a neighborhood restaurant, with very good services and food.Everything is under $10.00 great breaded pork chops with baked potatoes and. Tremendous New York Strip and juicy. Very nice atmosphere and great waitress. It dont leave very much room for desert, but the selections of cakes will drive you nuts. Very hefty portions of foods....

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