Bangkok House serves fresh Thai food in a welcoming space that visitors say is "graceful". Their menu, which includes good spicy options, is considered a great value. Visitors remark that they offer good, fast service. Customers note that Bangkok House is a a good spot to enjoy a refreshing beer. Visitors like their dinner, and especially their lunch offerings. Some customers complain about poor service.

Known for its phenomenal spicy food and its speedy service.

pad thai, soups
Open today 11am — 9pm
Monday  11:00am — 9:00pm
Tueday  11:00am — 9:00pm
Wednesday  11:00am — 9:00pm
Thursday  11:00am — 9:00pm
Friday  11:00am — 9:00pm
Saturday  11:00am — 9:00pm
Sunday  11:00am — 9:00pm
Lunch, dinner, table service

Meal times

  • Lunch
  • Dinner


  • Table service
  • Take-out
  • Reservations accepted

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First reviewed by berkeleygirl

Stop Hating, Great Food

The food at the bangkok house is the best Thai food in the greater Lansing area. Many of the people the write reviews of their food being of poor quality are wrong, I eat there like 3-4 times a week, getting something different every time and it is always good. Many of the people that are reviewing the restaurant based on service have valid criticism that they are slow, the decor is old, and sometimes it takes a long time to pay. In my experience for lunch, they try and do a fast job if you mention that you are short on time. Even if the Service is not the best, the food would outweigh any problems I have with the service.

Best Thai Food in Lansing (Pad Talay)

I always get the Pad Talay. It is always at the perfect hot level I like. Every time I go to the Bangkok house I get good service. I never have waited more than 10 min. for my food.

My grade for the Bangkok house is (A-)

The only thing wrong with the Bangkok house is it seems to have a very depressing atmosphere. They need to remodel and make it more welcoming!!


Best food EVER

I love Bangkok House! The Pad Thai is awesome with just the right amount of heat. You know its good heat when your nose starts to run. I live an hour away and come back a few times a year for more. It's addictive!


Going Downhill

It had been a couple of years since I was there. I and a friend went for lunch today. Water tasted really bad. The server was very unpleasant to the point of rudeness. We were not offered any drink choice but water. Decor is definitely looking very worn and everything looks dingy/dirty. Food took about 30 minutes. no one stopped by to see how the food was or if we needed/wanted anything else. The chicken in my dish was very dry (almost freezer burnt tasting); a couple of pieces were not completely cooked. The sauce and spice level were good. The rice was very dry and old tasting. Prices have gone up, but not unreasonably. They made us stand in the line to pay for about 10 minutes while they cleared tables even though there were no customers waiting to sit down. I will likely not go back for another year or two.

Good, Not Great

Good Thai Food, especially if you like Spicy foods. The service though is lacking at times, the quality is as well but I still recommend.


poor service

takes for ever to get your food..went in to get a carry out..the lady said 10-15 minutes..waited over an hour to get my food..they need to hired more waitress/host...i even went to the store down the street and when i came back the food still wasn't ready..she saw me standing there and didn't ask if i was helped she just kept asking who was going to pay with cash...i had to ask if the food was ready if not then i don't want it anymore because it's been more then an hour ago when i placed my order. thats when she finally went and got my order.


Worst Service..Dirty place..Junk food!!

I have been to this restaurant twice and each time I walked out soo disappointed.
I always thank GOD for the food I have and so I never say any food is bad or find fault with it. But the service and quality of food was sooo horrible here that I really wanted to write a comment so that no one suffers again.Trust me..I am soo disappointed that I made sure to write comment for first time in my life for a restaurant. The lady who takes orders ( who also owns it) is soo RUDE...Omg..she almost yells while taking if we are homeless. Food is totally tasteless.. Service is sooo bad.. No one checks on you after they serve food.. You have to keep looking for more than 15 mins to even have ur water refilled. (NO free REFILLS on softdrinks, that too served in small glass)

Best Thai in town!

My wife and I go to Bankok house once a week (sometimes twice) and have been for several years now. I think we've had bad service once and it seemed to more the fault of the Kitchen. LOVE THIS PLACE! The Pad Thai is awesome and the Yum Salad is usually fresh and delicious. Gonna go get my Heat On tonight!


Love this place

I've been to many Thai places, but I always come back to Bangkok House. I've been eatting there since the late 80's. The food is wonderful, always spiced exactly how I ask for it. The complimentary soup is a great benefit of eatting in. Service is fast and friendly. The menu has a great selection, something for everyone. Interior of the establishment is showing some age and could use some updating. I will continue to eat there, whether it's eat in or take out.

very good

Bankok is my absolute favorite. For $6.00 you can go in and never come out hungry. Soup is complimentary and I get Pad Thai every time it is the best. I have traveled all over the world and eaten Thai, but Bankoks Pad Thai cannot be beat. I would like to see some renovations inside, the dining are is very ugly and needs to be updated. Besides that it is wonderful. Cheers.


Service stinks

The service at lunch has always been good - went to dinner last week, and it took almost 2 hours to get our food, and then it took having to track down the only waitress on duty, and tell her that we were tired of seeing other tables get served. We never did get our soup. The food is good - not great. I won't go back


delicious food in lansing

I been there so many of time and im from sioux falls, sd everytime i go in there the the waitress/waiter is very friendly and nice to me. Their food is really spicy but i love it it makes me to have a crave for more the next time. I wish i live in lansing to i can eat there every day. their Pad Thai, Pram long song, Pad s'ewe oh my god is delicious. If anyone have a chance to go there try those dishes i guaranteed u would like it...


The Best Of The Best.. Bangkok House..

My experiance was excellent!!!!!!!!!!! I came from a state that doesnt have much of a variety of thai food.. And knowing me I love thai food.... I was visiting some family in michigan and came across this place..... I could smell the great smells of exquisite thai food from afar.. I told myself I had to go in. They seated me right way without waiting. It was great. Very very friendly people.. It made me feel like it was my own family I felt very welcomed and like they were happy to have me there. My waiter was thao do. I remembered that name because he had a smile you could die for........ Well anyways, the service was great, and fast. The food was excellent in every way.. And always hot and fresh. Very tasty. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone and everyone.... So if anyone is reading this, take your spouse, your kids, your friends, and family to bangkok house, the food is worth the money and the experiance is everlasting...........


One of Lansing's Best

I went to Bangkok house for the first time last week to dine in, and again tonight for carry-out. Both times I couldn't be happier with the quality of the food. I enjoyed the satay appetizer to dine in, but would probably not get it to-go because when dining in it's served with a grated sternal so you can marinate and cook the sauce into the chicken. Really delicious. I also tried their spring rolls and they are really fresh and tasty. For my entree I got Praram Long Song. It's a great dish with a creamy peanut sauce, vegetables and choice of meat. I enjoyed it alot, very rich flavors.


Bangkok House is the best Thai!

I love Bangkok House! They have the best Pad Thai in Lansing. I also really love #20 Praram Long Song, it has a thick peanut-buttery sauce and is very tasty. This is by far my favorite Thai restaurant and one of my favorite foods. This is the first place that my mom and I go whenever I pick her up from the Airport when she comes to visit. However, my husband doesn't like it that much because it doesn't have a very great ambiance- it's definitely not fine dining and is a little dingy, so if that kind of thing bothers you, get take out.


Decline in quality

This establishment was once one of my favorite eateries. I admit I have not been there in a few years. Recently I went there for seafood take out. The dish included mussels (love them). Approximately 2 hours after eating lunch I became deathly ill. Since I did not eat anything else that day, I concluded it could only be the lunch I picked up from Bangkok House. After several more hours of misery, I began to recover. I should have paid attention to the fact the mussels tasted peculiar. I shared my experience with a collegue at work and they infomed me they had had a similar incident just the month before. Too bad, I won't be returning to this establishment again. I have also advised friends not to go.

Excellent Thai!!!

Excellent food, but their service needs to improve. The problem is it's family run and two people can only handle so much during the lunch rush. So I guess its the collateral damage of having amazing, authentic, mom/pops style thai food; you have to deal with the family. But it is definitely worth it!


Best in Lansing

This place is excellent. I go there often, and have not been disappointed. The Pad Thai is exquisite.. so is the Tom Yun soup. And yes, they spice it up quite a bit, so if you can't handle really hot food, order it Mild. Better than any Thai in Lansing/East Lansing.


Best Thai in Lansing

This restaurant has the best Thai food in Lansing IMO. Worth checking out! Don't ask for very hot unless you have a steel tongue. They sever beer which is good and the service is very good. The ambiance is nothing special but it is nice. I would rate Bangkok house as one of my top 5 restaurants in lansing.


Good food

I have been here several times.
I agree the smoking could be disgusting.
However, I cannot remember if it ever bothered me here.
They will make the food as spicy as you want it; mild, medium, hot, bring out the spice tray.
I like my food hot and I get it hot. :-) Whew


Not so great

I ate at this restaurant while visiting Lansing. The food was pretty bad. The "curry" was more like a Chinese-style brown sauce. The atmosphere could have been ok if they offered more separation between smoking and non-smoking sections. I can't stand to smell smoke while I'm eating, and the place was thick with it.

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