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RE: Not Worth the Trip

I'm a loyal patron at The BackPorch in Shellman. KFC doesn't compare to the hand breaded and seasoned chicken at The BackPorch. To refresh your memory, fresh gulf seafood and excellent black angus steaks are served Thurs-Sat from 5:00pm-9:00pm. They also have an excellent seafood buffet on Thursday night beginning at 6:00pm. Mon-Sun from 11:00am-2:00pm, The BackPorch's buffet has plenty of options to satisfy even the pickiest eaters (you'd know how it tasted had you tried it). The BackPorch has the best fried chicken (among many other options) I've ever eaten. Only in times of pure desperation would I subject myself to fried chicken at a fast food chain restaurant. If you choose to drive 35 miles only to walk in, turn your nose up, and leave, then perhaps you should save your time and gas and just swing through the KFC or Popeyes drive through.


Not Worth the Trip

Based on the positive reviews on this site, my wife and I traveled the requisite 35 miles to sample this local eatery. We were very disappointed. First, this is buffet-style dining, something that none of the reviewers mentioned. If you are not keen on food held interminably in warming trays, you would do well to avoid the Back Porch. (A server did advise us that there is table service on some evenings, but I forgot which. Calling ahead, therefore, might be prudent.)

The restaurant’s entrance door is emblazoned with “Steak and Seafood” yet, on the Sunday that we were there, neither beef nor seafood of any kind was to be found. The only animal protein on the buffet consisted of fried chicken. Accompanying the chicken were trays of various starches and a wide variety of over-cooked and mushy vegetables. There was also a dessert section. For all we know, the chicken may have been the best in the world, but the array was so sparse and unappetizing that we decided not to partake. That we never tasted the food should be taken into account when considering our star rating.

The place was packed and exiting customers expressed satisfaction with the “good food.”

As for this writer, if I want chicken that has been held in a warming tray I might as well patronize KFC or Popeye’s. The charge is $10 a plate (I don’t know if that includes beverage).


Fantastic Friday Feast (9-17-2010)

This was the first meal (lunch time) we have had at your convenient location with close relatives, who'd eaten there before. We all 4 certainy enjoyed the atmosphere, cleanliness, efficient/friendly service, good food, etc. We will return and bring others to participate of your good food!!


best steak around

We live in Albany Georiga and have heard how good the steaks were so we went to find out ourselves. We were not disapointed. They were amoung the best we had ever eaten. The service was very good and evey one was very polite. We will definatly be back soon.


Fantastic Seafood

This was our first visit. We are from Monroe, Georgia and our relatives that we dined with are from Leesburg, Georgia. We ordered Seafood and it was the best I'd ever eaten. The shrimp and oysters were wonderful. the service was aslo excellent. Our waitress was very friendly, We will definitely be back.

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