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I had an article of clothing stolen from this restaurant and believe it was the staff who took it. When I got to my car, I realized I didn't have it and ran back inside to the table we were sitting at. It wasn't there, and the manager said it was up front. I checked with the woman at the counter, who knew what I was talking about before I even said anything, looked around for it, asked the manager where it was (he then said he didn't know, someone must have taken it), and told me she thought it had been on the coat rack, but it was now gone. By this time, my boyfriend had come back inside and asked if they were going to look for it. The woman then changed her story and said a girl had grabbed it and run out with it. I surely would have seen her leaving, as I was gone for no more than 30 seconds.
At first I thought I'd just been forgetful when I left, but the more I thought about it, I don't remember seeing it when I came back from getting food. My boyfriend, who was sitting on the other side, did not notice her take it, but said he didn't notice her take my silverware, either. She was nowhere to be found when I went back in to ask where it was.
We had no choice but to leave without it. My boyfriend called an hour or so later and asked if it had turned up and politely asked them to look again, at which point the woman laughed at him before putting the manager on, who hung up on him. My boyfriend never raised his voice, swore, or was rude to them (which is why I had him call and not me)!
I sincerely hope you won't give these people your business. If you do, do not leave belongings out of sight of the rest of your party for one second.


Never again

Yes alot of sushi but too much american food and not enough real oriental.Sesame chicken tasted like aplle glaze,General Tsoa chicken NOT spicy at all, overall very bland.Dont know who really wrote these other reviews but they must not really know what they are eating! Nail in coffin...Took my autistic child who has eating issues(he ate at home before leaving)he had a VERY Small amount of choc pudding off his mothers plate and they charged me 5.99 When I asked the male mngr about this and tried to explain my childs issues he got extremely loud and while other patrons where looking on rectified his reasoning all while we were embarrassed.So if you really enjoy oriental or you have a child with issues do NOT go here

Many Buffet Foods available

I love this great Chinese Food Restaurant. So many types of buffet foods available that you are Full of Food before you can try all of them. Sushi food bar, big salad fixin's bar: lettuce, tomatoes, olives, raw broccoli, boiled eggs, potato salad, dressings, peel your own shrimp, many types of cooked shrimp prepared several ways, various chicken dishes, crab legs, wonderful cooked vegetables: green beans, spinach, broccoli, carrot slices, onions, potatos, beef spare ribs, pepper steak, cooked pork, broiled fish, steamed clams & mussel dishes, cheese topped "crab" pieces, egg rolls, 2 soups, Chinese desserts, 6 kinds of ice cream and sherbet, AND I'm sure I missed mentioning some food dishes. They have very reasonable prices so don't take more food than you can eat and don't ask for a "doggie-bag" for take-home food; that just increases dinner prices for everyone. Please leave a decent money tip for the young waiters & waitresses who work there; they are courteous, pleasant and work hard to serve you. This is my favorite Chinese Restaurant in the Syracuse area.

friendly owners

Ive been there many times.the restaurantis very clean the entire family works together .they are very attentive to their customers & try to make sure food is always replinished.i like to also go for take outs from the buffet.


Poor Management

The restaurant is clean and the food is good but the staff watches everything you eat and they make comments, It is so obvious that they are watching that it makes eating uncomfortable. The chef comes out of the kitchen and stares at us because we eat and enjoy the crab legs. The owner made a comment once on how much we eat. No one should be treated that way when eating out. We are good customers and used to really enjoy it there. Now instead of passing a good word along, we discourage people from going there. I can see on other sites, people have the same type of feedback that I do. I wont be eating there anymore.

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